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  1. Moving from Logic 10.6.3 to 10.7.1 and 10.7.2 introduced a new bug for me. Can anyone confirm? Importing SMPTE locked markers don’t import to the original absolute SMPTE time position when “at the original absolute SMPTE time position” is selected. They always get positioned at the same time position relative from project start regardless if “at the original absolute SMPTE time position” or “at the same time position relative from project start“ is selected. A really useful feature is suddenly broken now. It had worked fine for probably a decade. Logic 10.7.2 Big Sur 10.6.1 Mac Pro 2019 16 core 256GB RME UFX II
  2. Thanks both. Yes indeed tit seems to have to do with the scaling of the 4k display. Updating to Logic 10.7.1 solved it all though. Just a bit nervous installing these latest versions!
  3. I am getting serious graphics glitches after updating to Big Sur. Regions seems to be in the wrong place vertically, and it's almost impossible to select them. Things were fine before the Big Sur update. Any ideas? LG Ultra HD Display 3840 x 2160 LPX 10.6.3 macOS Big Sur 10.6.1 Mac Pro (2019) 3.2 GHz 16-Core Intel Xeon W 256 GB 2933 MHz DDR4 MD Radeon Pro W5700X 16 GB
  4. Thanks David. True, it depends on the material. Sometimes Flex causes low end bumpiness that Time and Pitch doesn't. Waves' ancient Sounshifter has its own sound that can be quite nice at times too.
  5. What's better quality for transposition for up to 4 semitones: Quality of Flex Time or Time and Pitch Machine?
  6. Amazing, Joshj, I never realised that. So incredibly useful to know.
  7. Yes I have checked the event list with all selection buttons enabled. Completely empty.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Sorry, I may not have explained this properly. I put Logic into record, and after a few bars stop again. I play no note. There is now an empty region. This is not normal. Or: I start recording on bar 3, but only play midi notes on bar 9. The newly recorded region starts on bar 3. But normally it would have automatically been trimmed to start on bar 9.
  9. Whenever I record on a software instrument track, and play no notes, Logic creates a 1 bar empty region during the count-in. There is no sysex in there either, no midi at all in the region. When using "drop" then an empty region is created from the point where the track is dropped into record. Problem has only recently started, after trashing preferences. On Logic 10.4.8, in Mojave, Mac Pro Trashcan 8 core.
  10. Channel EQ adds 15 samples of latency with oversampling enabled. You can turn oversampling off by clicking the triangle bottom left to open the extra options and unticking the box. Save as your new default so future instances have it turned off too. Oversampling is may not necessarily improve the sound. (I have it turned on though).
  11. Yes that could be the case. In any case, the template itself is fine, it's just when session get big when the problem appears. I reported the bug to Apple, whom have kindly gotten back. They have now the sessions. Let's hope for a fix.
  12. In fact the template works fine too. So the problem appears when the sessions get bigger and have a lot of midi and audio regions. Those sessions don't have the record repeat & unwanted undo problem in Logic 10.4.4 but have that problem in 10.4.6.
  13. Yes they were created from the same template. It takes months building those big and complex templates for film scoring. The issue is that the template and its related files worked fine until version 10.4.6. (or 10.4.5 which I never tried).
  14. New strange behaviour in Logic 10.4.6. Record Repeat now also triggers one Undo step. For example if I transpose a sequence, then start recording on a completely different track, then use the 'record/record repeat' command, then recording starts again, as expected, but ALSO REMOVES the transposition I did earlier. I can't reproduce the behaviour on a completely new empty session, but all my existing sessions are affected - it's hundreds I have to work with at the moment. Anyone came across this or have suggestions?
  15. I have just come across this problem now. It started with Logic 10.4.6. Whenever Record Repeat is triggered, Logic add an undo step. Basically it will start the recording again, but always goes back one step in the undo history. I can't reproduce the problem with a new empty session, but all the existing sessions exhibit this problem. Did you find a solution?
  16. I landed on this thread because I have the same problem. I've only come across this problem recently, so I suspect it's a bug in one of the new Logic versions. I'm on 10.4.6. Same here, no changing of score prefs, no deleting of header or footer etc. Suddenly, after some editing, all that text disappears. It's very annoying, as it's not easy to re-instate all the info that I normally have in the score header and footer: Song title, composer, date, file name etc. Is there a way to avoid this?
  17. Interesting, I repeated Erik's test, with different results. I don't get any HF noise (did you have dither on while bouncing?), but I get occasional crackles every 3 secs or so. Seems to be related to heavy low frequency transients on the original. The artifacts are more pronounced on a louder track. On the quieter track I don't actually hear anything but the meters show a signal. Probably very high frequency. Louder track: Quieter track:
  18. At 84dBFS that is quite significant though, if a good converter gives us 120dB dynamic range isn't it? That raises noise by 40dB, probably into the audible range, even though it may not be a problem. Thanks so much testing!
  19. Erik, wow, thanks for the test. Perfect nulling is not what one would expect, as the process is lossy, no?
  20. Thanks for the heads up. We've been saving to the Dropbox folder on a local drive for a few years without problems, except that sometimes file modified dates don't get updated if the file is altered from another workstation. Is this how you've been using it? We're using folders, not packages for the Logic files.
  21. I too had problems with the X-Touch losing communication when the Mac goes to sleep for example. Connecting it via Midi rather than USB solved the problem.
  22. As soon as the source is surround the surround panner changes to a surround balancer and the option to send to LFE disappears. Not quite a bug, it's probably intended to work the way, but it's certainly not useful to anyone. On stereo tracks we now have true stereo panning (it used to be only balancing), so Apple should make it the same for surround too. Please send feedback to Apple. I certainly keep pestering them about it. In the meantime, an easy workaround for just the LFE issue is the simply create a send and aux channel for the LFE.
  23. Thanks so much for looking into it! It's enlightening to get some insight into scripting. I hope Apple will fix the bug.
  24. Cool stuff. New script doesn't quite solve the issue, on my system at least, still a strange, but different, blip when changing from 4/4 to 6/8 for example, then when changing back to 4/4 it disappears altogether. But it's fascinating what can be done with these scripts! Where did you learn that Dewdman? Fuzzfilth - great idea. I'll see if there is a way to get it to unmute that channel automatically when in record, and mute again during playback.
  25. Fab, that's genius, thanks! It works. On my system it stumbles for one beat at start of playback and at meter changes. Does it play smoothly at your end?
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