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  1. Looks tempting, but i'm perfectly happy with my duet soundquality
  2. That plugin is probably vengeance multiband http://www.vengeance-sound.com/eng/VPS.html Who's studio is that pic from? Swedish House Mafia ?
  3. You should have a look a this production forum, theres lot of threads about bass sound and how to process them to get that midrange distorted wobble. http://www.dubstepforum.com/viewforum.php?f=8 Even tho that midrange wob is allready so played out that i would suggest to come up wit some new sounds, but have a look at the link i posted, as i said theres lots of threads about getting that type of bass sound
  4. You can't use vst's in Logic. Logic uses AU's (audio units), that's why those plugins does'n't shoe up in Logic.
  5. im not sure, but it might be this one http://www.gearslutz.com/board/music-computers/371545-logic-pro-multicore-benchmarktest.html
  6. This one ^ I myself probably wont upgrade logic on my mac pro system, until apple come out with a fix, that doesnt include using terminal etc
  7. Contact Novation support and let them know about yor problem http://www.novationmusic.com/answerbase/en/contact.php
  8. Im having the same problem with the loop-button on my mac pro...funny thing is that on my macbook pro the loop-button works just fine. Dont know what might cause this because the setups are almost the same on both computers (os, software, plugins etc)
  9. I am too, the new Mac Pro is gonna be replacing my couple years old macbook pro that can't keep up anymore with my latest projects when it comes to RAM and cpu Perfect timing for me with the release of new Mac Pro's ! EDIT: Found EOL Mac Pro 4.1 cheap so i went for that.
  10. Nice Dynaudios! 8) Hoowwee, just got mine today ! Those are BM6A mk2's right !
  11. Hey, did they say that they are workin on a fix? Ive been using the mackie HUI mode, but it only controls the mixer as explained here http://www.novationmusic.com/answerbase/en/article.php?id=504 Also i tested with logic 8, and theres no problems with logic 8, everything works fine, so it seem its issues only in logic 9. Hope they come up with a fix.
  12. this is what i discovered too, use the mackie hui, not novation remote sl in the control setup
  13. yep, logic crashes for mee too sometimes when usin remote sl. let the novation people know about your problem so they can fix it http://www.novationmusic.com/answerbase/en/contact.php
  14. I was just testing the Pan Law settings, and it seems that the -3 & -3compensated settings not only affect the volume when panning but also the width of the stereo image when you pan mono instruments. You can easily test this, just make a hihat loop with mono EXS 24 and pan it to lets say 45 to either side, then keep the loop running and flip thru the pan laws, the 0db setting is wider than the - 3db & -3b compensated settings. Only time when they dont affect the image is when its panned hard left or right. So is it that if you use 0db setting you get a better control over the stereo image? If you cant spot the difference by ear you can use the goniometer when switching thru the settings and you can clearly see it with your eyes.
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