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  1. I just used the EX24 to get the sound that I needed still could not get my snare to pitch down with Ultrabeat, meaning as the sound is playing it starts with a higher pitch and goes to a lower pitch while still playing.
  2. Also thanks to everyone helping out.
  3. Yes I am able to pitch the sound but I was trying to do a snare pitch bend just to learn and know how to do it just in case someone ever asked me. I was able to do it using the ESX24 but could not do it in Ultrabeat, I know how to change the pitch with a sound but I was not clear with my question and I am sorry for that I hope I made it clear this time.
  4. I created a custom kit for myself and I wanted to pitch bend the snare. I notice it would not work but if I use a normal kit the pitch bend works great, what should I be looking at within UltraBeat? I did a search and did not find anything useful that I could use. I am doing all my programing within UltraBeat.
  5. I got it to work but I really don't know how I did it. All I did was hit the number pads on my Axiom61 while in Sample Tank 2.5 and it changed the midi channel to the instrument that I wanted within Sample Tank 2.5.
  6. I am using my brothers laptop for a while because I wanted to check out his Sample Tank while he was out of town on business. Laptop: CPU 2.53 RAM 4gigs OSX 10.6.7 Logic Pro 9 up to date with all updates Sample Tank 2.5 I am using my midi control Axiom 61 USB I have a question for anyone that maybe able to help? 1. How does one change channels within Sample Tank? I am able to load up sounds in each channel but can not switch between sounds for some reason. I am using Logic as my DAW and loading Sample Tank as a midi instrument multi out. I made Aux tracks with the "plus sign that is on the channel strip of Sample Tank." No luck with that only use is if I already am using the sound and wanted to add FX to that sound. I have been to youtube to see what I can find with no luck so far. Thanks
  7. No tips or trips yet but soon I am still working on my style and learning from my mentor but he will be off-line for a while so I could not ask him.
  8. How great does this work because I think I tried using this about a year ago and could not get it to work correctly. Most likely user fault. lol
  9. Great post you should have just made a video would have saved you some time bro, but great work.
  10. Is there a easier way to do fast Kick and Snare rolls? That is one thing I miss of my MPC other then that I know I can draw it in but I am the type that it has to be fast other wise it can mess with the creative flow of work. I know there is a note repeat built into the MPC what are other ways I would be able to accomplish this with in Logic Pro 9? I use logic for almost all my production now and use a Axiom 61 controller. I know the MPK controller has this option but with all that I have read about the MPK not working with Logic.
  11. Ok, I drag and dropped into my template but how do I get the window so I can turn it off and on, the way it is set up in the file?
  12. Found out it was my audio files that were corrupted.
  13. Man, I have never seen Logic act so buggy before. I am running 19 files and plug-ins on every track with not even a dent on the CPU side. MAC Book Pro CPU 2.53 core 2 Duo RAM 4GB OSX 10.6.4
  14. Don't know what happen but I shut down Logic and restarted and everything is working now.
  15. Ok, imported some wave files into logic Pro 9 and all went well. Once I started adding EQ and Comp everything was working great. Then out of no where I must have hit something but anytime I try to add an plug-in nothing happens. Also if there is a plug-in and I click on it to change setting in the EQ or Comp it disappears and I am unable to add any type of plug-in. Has anyone had this same problem?
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