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  1. Hello Eric, I totally seem to be on the wrong track here. What is the different result between your method and: AMS setup/midi/ doubleclick on eg IAC Driver, add the ports you need, name them, close AMS, go to Logic and find them in the C+P layer of environment ? Thanks for an answer, Nick
  2. shift clicking the indexfinger will resize all lanes to the same size
  3. Maybe you've got "auto zoom" activated? ( "z" by default ) Nick
  4. All above mentioned worked in L8xx and L9,0.0/1/2. And of course the new flex tool parameters in L9.1.0 can also be scrolled through. Happy flexing, Nick
  5. Put the channel automation mode to touch, and press play instead of record, turn your knobs, be happy. Read the book once more. Nick
  6. Sorry, can't quite follow you.What is this "controller list on the left". What you are looking for is the event list. Press "e" and it shows up on your right side of screen. All rectangular fields have to be bright, as to show their content, for the selected region. Does your problem occour to selected tracks only? Have you tried running logic without external gear? Good luck. Nick
  7. Try one of these http://www.vertexdsp.com/ http://www.sonalksis.com/index.php?section_id=99 Both links to be found on Logic Pro Help. Greets, Nick Here is some more meters http://www.gersic.com/plugins/index.php?daCat=2 Although here is a nice one ( on screenset #5), I can't make out where it's from. Any gues?
  8. I'm sorry, I overread the.rfl file format. Only looked at the AKAI. Apologies, Nick
  9. Have you tried burning them on a disc and then go to EXS/options/akai convert? Hope it works, Nick
  10. Very nice. Thanks a lot. Been playing a bit with this. Add Destination/Glide time+source(inverse)/velocity, raise time to 600ms, in matrix editor. Assign a knob or modwheel, to LFO1. Plays like the real thing Nick.
  11. This may has something to do with the undo-steps. Logic will be forced to keep your deleted channels in memory, if they are still within the number of undo-steps chosen in prefs.Does your problem still occour when you choose "0"undo-steps? (Make a backup before trying) Nick
  12. Another answer is here: http://www.logicprohelp.com/viewtopic.php?t=32286 Thanks for the marquee trick. Greets, Nick
  13. If I recall it right there's still option+shift+drag to equal all values. Nick
  14. I'm not sure this is a bug, as this is the part of the way it was designed to work (however questionnable...). Hereafter an exceirpt from the manual (Logic Studio 8 ) : I'm double clicking the marker in the global tracks area... when I click the ruler area reserved for markers, it doesn't trigger any marker activity. When I double click the marker, it lets me change the first line (title) of the marker. And it does not erase the rest of my text. If I option double click the marker, then it opens a text box for editing. I don't remember this being a problem in L8, but it looks like it works well in L9. Rich I don't see the problem in L8 either. There are keycommands to access the marker text-window; so no need to make this mistake a second time, I think. Nick
  15. Or maybe it isn't easy to answer. I'm pretty shure fader8 or ski are trying to dig up some long forgotten environment tool ,datind back to notator times, and phoning up Len Lasso to ask him how to make it work. Maybe it is possible to create a midi-filter letting through volume values of one channel, create antother filter cutting out volume values for the other channel/region, and record both on a third track. Assuming that volume values are recordable and all notes of both regions are on precisely the same tick-value it might even work. Nick
  16. Garageband seems to be less cpu hungry. That's why I recommended to turn of all other programs. EVERYTHING! ( internal blootooth, airport, iSight camera, backup tools, anything that turns itself on or off like screensaver and the suspend mode ;btw do you have a neutral background on your screen? ) There's got to be something whith a higher pid than logic on your computer that is holding logic off working properly. Nick
  17. Our setup is very similar exept for my Laptop: it is just a macbook. And that shouldn't account for the problems you experience! Unless of course I have missed the postings of macbook pro users complaining about spikes. And talking about spikes, I remember the picture you posted before David kicked it away. Your "spikes" did looked more like dropouts rather than the spikes I see if I get some.Hence my ideas about other programs interfering with Logic. Have you tried the renice hack? http://www.logicprohelp.com/viewtopic.php?t=35413 Good luck, Nick
  18. Hox could that resolve to 5 peaks per minute?
  19. Have you looked for open programs in the background using the OS X aktivity monitor? What's in the "startup items" folder of HD/library and system/library ? Have you touched any spindown times? Active screensaver, and other automatic energysaver values? I had problems with two old usb driver of devices not even being connected to the mac! Are the the peaks coming at regular intervalso could it be static when you come in touch with your gear? Good luck, Nick
  20. If your old mac is PPC, L7 will be installed as such. If your new mac is intel you need an intel version of L7 or universal binary, wich contains both versions.
  21. I rmember now: that's what I used to be saying about L5 and OS9. I only forgot it... Nick
  22. If you have installed Logic7 on your old mac, just drag it over to the new one. That's what I did. No problems running L8 after this. Only works if L7 is binary of course... Nick
  23. No. you only do it once, and then SAVE THE KEYCOMMANDS so you can open them again when needed! Nick Oh sorry wrong thread. Shure, that's a pain, entering numeric values and the screensets keep on changing. ( I was on that thread with plugin-verification...)
  24. You can add the metadata in iTunes. Import the saong klick on it and press apple+i Nick
  25. Same does "esc here. Am I missing something? Nick
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