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  1. Installed that earlier, some nice things one could do. But over 3GB for what basically is a one trick pony? People seem to have lost the idea about the fine art of sampling.
  2. Sounds kinda plausible but as my working drive is internal, it kept working all throughout. I also searched for the project name, just in case - no hits. Besides, why would Logic go back to the first saved version created straight after booting? I must've saved around 100 times or so (pressing CMD-S is second nature to me since decades). It could as well have returned to any other version but it was just the one I had opened when I was shutting off Logic and the computer the day before. Anyhow, from now on I will always manually save a new version after each relevant round of edits - I'm sure that even if the autosave function would be on (which is another gripe - I mean, an update usually should keep your preferences), there'd be no "revert to" options, simply because the only existant project file was way old. Fwiw, Mojave in general seems to be quite a bit less stable than High Sierra. For instance, it sometimes "forgets" to activate USB ports/devices and one of my interfaces doesn't always properly wake up from hibernation - none of these has ever been an issue with HS. I've also had a Logic crash or two when using Battery 3 - which is a pity because NI completely messed up version 4 IMO, but it seems I need to get along with it now.
  3. How could that be when all I ever did was CMD-S?
  4. Thanks, but there's no corrupted project anywhere. There's just a pretty old version - namely the first version after opening Logic and saving for the first time. All subsequent saves have been completely lost.
  5. Worked on a remix. Spent hours (pretty much all day) on it. All of a sudden Logic got wonky (I checked some Kontakt patches before), didn't want to load some instruments for Sampler anymore and what not, so I decided to save and restart. The song version that it came up with after a reboot is something that I saved - well - hours before when I started it. Around 20 full length recorded tracks and tons of edits just lost. The audio files are still there but of zero help because I edited most of them already. And quite obviously, all MIDI data is lost anyway. I thought I could go back to some safety copy - but there's been none! I always had this set to "last 10 versions" but apparently the setting reverted to default (which is "none") after some update. This is majorly p***ing me off!
  6. That's all fine and dandy but won't work too well anymore once there's tempochanges.
  7. Well yeah, had that sort of in my mind but ended up just trying
  8. Yeah, thanks! (got that far myself already, though)
  9. I know 32nds are there in Delay Designer, but I wanted just a very simple slapback delay, so grabbing the Tape Delay is a pretty normal thing.
  10. For the first time in my life I needed a 32nd delay (supposed to be a 1/16 delay on a double time part), wanted to use the stock Tape Delay for that task - but to my great astonishment, none of the standard delays offers that. Gets even more strange considering there's a dotted 32nd delay. I may get away with some deviation adjustment, but a 1/32 delay should rather be available straight. Apparently not a big one for me, as I never noticed that ever since Logic 4.5 (when the delays were introduced), still pretty strange.
  11. I always submit such things there as well.
  12. And fwiw, I still think it's broken. The use cases for such a kind of filter might exist, but as there's really not *that* many filter types, I find the idea of slapping in something awkward a pretty strange decision. If there were dozens of filter characteristics to chose from, all fine. But there aren't.
  13. So you keep throwing that term in everyone's faces while you yourself played that very card just one post ago ? That's a bold move, Sascha. No. It was a deliberate move to demonstrate there's no definition for "gritty". And as you might be able to read, I explicitely said that my examples were every bit as much anecdotal evidence.
  14. See, that's exactly why I talked about "anecdotal evidence".
  15. And fwiw, as far as "gritty" drive characteristics are concerned, this is what guitar players sort of think about: Or this: None of these have much to do with what the gritty 12dB filter does. And yes, they're anecdotal evidence - just as much as the violin guy.
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