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  1. Unless each track from a song is bounced and set as an audio file to be played by a different sampler on each track... Isn't?
  2. I wonder if using the sampler approach instead could do the trick. One note plays a song, another note plays another song...
  3. Perhaps those audio files contain some kind of time stamps (or SMPTE code) for their (bar/time) starting position?
  4. This is what I would do. Does your project contains different alternatives as well? (I think that each of those contains their own backup sets)…
  5. Instead of using the List Editor to select the Meta 51 event, how about via the environment, using a (renamed at will) fader or button’s object issuing (triggered by mouse click or any MIDI event) the desired Meta 51 value, which I believe should make the jump instantaneous. You could build an array of those buttons/faders…
  6. @David Nahmani & @polanoid, thanx for your patience and help!
  7. Perhaps using the term "printing", "imprinting" or "inscribing" automation could fit the bill…
  8. I guess I inadvertently contributed to the confusion in my post…
  9. Hmmm! I am getting confused... After reading the documentation about Record live automation in Logic Pro:
  10. Besides automation, what purpose the faders (events) are used for in Logic?
  11. Thanx @polanoid for the heads up, that was a piece of the puzzle I was missing, I guess. Nevertheless over here, I have to set automation to RBA and Read modes, otherwise the "Record Automation with Audio/MIDI regions" is non-selectable (greyed out). Once selected (even if greyed out) changing the mode to Write works for recording fader automation in the region using the track record button (like for other MIDI events recording procedure). However, once the fader automation (events) recorded in the region, the Write/Touch/Latch modes have seemingly no effect on them (like they would on TBA). Am I missing something?
  12. Not sure about that method being trouble free... Probably... If problems persist, you could probably try launching Logic in safe mode...
  13. The way I understand it, your MIDI controller action will be converted into automating data (Fader data) when going through the controller assignment process. Therefore it will operate accordingly to the chosen automation recording modes (Write, Touch, Latch). It also seems that the automation recording mode works only when using TBA (track based automation). The fader (automation) events when moved (converted) into region based automation, the Write (Touch or Latch) mode(s) aren't affecting what is already inside the region. One could transform MIDI data into Fader then convert the Region automation to TBA. Then the Write (Touch or Latch) mode(s) will affect the automation. Admittedly quite cumbersome as a workaround...
  14. Loads almost instantly (from the patch Library) and works just fine over here... Have you tried those troubleshooting steps?(some may not apply) There is mention of a fix in that post from another topic (and other suggestions above that post)...
  15. Don't worry about! We all have those "odd moments"...(says the guy whose had and still have his fair share of same) Of course! That will surely help others facing the same situation eventually. Any time!
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