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  1. I so agree with that!! Now I want to get rid of a few bad set I made and I can't figure how to!
  2. Most of other DAW already have this feature and I tried Cubase lately to realise that this is a super handy feature especially for people with more modest computer and to be honest, it's an intelligent feature and I do hope Apple get their act together and add this so we can finally have big template ready to go! Yves
  3. For me, it's not that big but very noticeable when playing a midi instrument like Kontakt, before the update it was very tight, and the timing was perfect. I have deleted the plist, updated all my plugins including Kontakt and EW play. I guess I will wait and see if there is a fix coming in shortly.
  4. I have the same here, I rely on Logic and I am desperate, I should have never update.
  5. Just move the mouse a little higher over the playhead area and and the usual pointer will show up! I know but I have to lower it down again to select a new playhead position, I can see the pointer going higher like you mentioned but can't click to make it move somewhere else on the ruler thanks anyway!!! Gprok
  6. Well, symbolic links seems to totally make Logic blind and not aware of any system change, the test I have made make me conclude that nothing bad can happen using sym link instead of alias but of course, it's always good to have backup just in case!!!! I would say, don't worry, see how it goes!!! Gprok
  7. Well then, you should be fine!!!! Gprok
  8. If you were after Alchemy folder content I would say it's better to stick with this location :: /Library/Application Support/Logic/Alchemy Samples/... But I am not 100% sure you did the right thing, though, if it's working, wel, leave it this way. You can always put the original back anyway!!! gprok
  9. When I click on the ruler at the top to pick a different playback location I used to see the playhead line but now I see those 2 little triangles instead, any idea why?? can I change it back to the way it was before update?? it's kinda annoying visually gprok
  10. Thanks des99, I just realize that when cancelling download for second time it gave me back the HD room. All set now!! I just have to find out which samples I need to install as I am mainly doing orchestral/film sound design stuff. Have a great day!! Gprok
  11. I have decided that I don't need as for now the 14 gig of content for Alchemy and was wondering where exactly is lhe folder location for this content?? because I have started downloading it and stopped the process and noticed a fair amount of HD spaces gone, so I want to be able to recover it if possible ?? thanks so much for your answer!!! Gprok
  12. Thanks a lot guys it's been working fine, now I have to make test to see if when downloading the alchemy content it will go on the right drive. Once again, thanks for your help! Gprok
  13. just try and when I relaunch Logic it will re download the content again........I used to be able to do what you say but something won't work this time.....anyway a big thanks for the answer..... gprok
  14. Is there a way to have to 18 gig alchemy lib on a diff drive??? thanks!!! gprok
  15. Is there a way to have to 18 gig alchemy lib on a diff drive??? Great update but like someone else said::::I am a more traditional type of composer so I wish in the next update they won't forgive us, not that I don't like EDM gprok
  16. Hi there, I have bought inflator last week and I am having so many wierd bugs with it and the funny thing is, I am not even using it. I am using logic pro x and my system is way up to date, strangely enough, when I play back a track of mine that used to play just perfect now won't even play, no sound for 6 sec and then all of the sudden a big click/pop then no sound again. The things is,it's been like that for a week, I just figured out today, I went in the plugin manager window and disable inflator to make in NOT active and bam, my problem is gone and everything is back to normal. I would really understand if I was using the plugin but I am not even using it on a track, not even a single instances. I have solved and seen many bugs in my life as a composer but this one is the most strange one for sure. Any thoughts??? anyone else had this wierd bug in the past???? gprok I do apologize if I am not writing in the right section of the forum
  17. Hello all, I would like to have some advice/tips on how to achieve bigger sounding basses/upright in a orchestral soundtrack like Zimmer or B Tyler. Here's what I do, tell me if this is wrong:: I tend to use basses from 2 different libraries OCtaves and double it an octave higher with cellos, I also narrow the stereo image a bit so it's more mono'ish and centered. I also tend to add some synth bass so I get more energy. And often add a very sharp and short sounding orchestral kick to help with punch, My question is: When I make faster lines for exemple 8th notes at 146 BPM it gets unfocused and it becomes hard to get things tight in the mix. Is there any plugins that could help?? multiband comp maybe?? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. best regards!! Gprok
  18. Hi, I am using a lot of CC 1 modulation wheel to make the strings sound more realistic with library like Albion or cine symphony lite, lately I am having some kind of problem with the playback, sometimes the sound will do jumps in volume that is not really corresponding to my curves. I don't know if it's kontakt or logic doing this. To fix that weird behaviour I have to draw straight lines instead and them it plays good. Maybe I am using too many NODS when using the pencil tool but I don't recall having that problem before!!! Ummmm, oh well gprok
  19. In fact you can route 100 tracks with automation on them and route this to ONE VCA fader and VOILÀ!!!!!! Gprok
  20. LOL, why??? give me a valid and good reason. you can route anything to the vca, even summing stack in which there's track with different output with different send /level fx without affecting nothing nut the VOLUME. Ever work on real mixing board??? gprok
  21. Eric is right, click A to open automation panel on a track--make sure the track is wide enough (where you see the name of the track) if not resize a bit to see TRIM--------move trim up or down to adjust volume without affecting your automation. OR, I do that also, asign your track to a VCA fader----use that fader to adjust volume, this will also keep your automation SAFE!!! gprok
  22. Here's another suggestion, Cine symphony LITE by Cinesamples, if you can get an academic price it comes down to half the price of Albion and, it's a great great sounding library with extra controls for sections that is a god send. You can't do that stuff with albion as everything is baked in to patches, when playing chords you can decide if the violas would be replaced by violins for exemple. Don't get me wrong, I own Albion and it is a very spectacular library. my 2 cents gprok
  23. Logic's plugins do it all for me, when I need special color I use either Alloy 2 or slate VMR, I have nothing against waves, there are also other great plugins brand, gprok
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