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  1. Thanks, I must not have looked close enough! will poke around more : )
  2. Thanks so much!! The problem I've found with AT is that it actually doesn't throw enough data. Like a push can jump from 0-30-70, so scaling it can only do so much as far as smoothing it out. What I've found is needed is multiplying the info (like making a loop to create the data from 0-30) but that data needs to be spread out in time, which would really need some kind of wait before executing ability. Which is a bummer that the scripter doesn't really have (as far as I understand). Its for a project I'm working on so I'll keep poking away at it. Lot's of things I've tried have gotten me almost there. Hopefully it'll all come together in something useable : )
  3. Thanks! Just trying to wrap my head around exactly how to lag midi data via a script (like applying a lag amount in Kontakt modulators) like mentioned above. Would be super helpful for a project I'm working on. I know that the AT info can be sent delayed, but then it's not able to be used by the script anymore, like if new AT data came in that might conflict with it. Was thinking of something like, when you release AT - start sending the AT value slowly down to zero - then if new AT info comes in - interrupt that descent and start sending the AT value up to the new info. All the experiments I've been playing around with in ProcessMIDI (thanks again for that!) have worked, but since the calculations all happen instantly there's no time to check for changed conditions. Is there a way to wait inside of a loop, and break the loop under conditions? Or do you check every x milliseconds (some way other than setTimeout)? Thanks again!!!
  4. Very cool! playing with that now. About the timing though, I haven't been able to get setTimeout to work, though I might be doing it wrong, or that might not be the javascript time function you were suggesting.
  5. cool! I'll have to look into how to do that! Can you send AT messages from ProcessMIDI? Or somehow do the calculations in ProcessMIDI, then schedule the sending in HandleMIDI...? Thanks for the quick reply!
  6. Quick question How would you: - pause for "lagMS" I figure you could sendAfterMilliseconds, but there doesn't seem to be any wait or timing functions while inside a script, only delaying sending the midi data unless I'm missing something? Thanks!
  7. I love using Logic's built in midi fx. I don't know why they didn't make them so you could also control the parameters of the logic plugins when they're in "dual mono" mode. So frustrating. Anyone know why this is or a way to get it to work? Thanks! DGB
  8. EDIT: actually it's just a regular click, I was wrong about option-click... but all of the comp folders need to be open (disclosure triangle clicked to show all the takes). For some reason if all the mic tracks don't have the folders open the nudge doesn't work, and if you miss one it somehow disconnects it from the rest of the group... (At least in my experiments in this session YMMV I guess, because this seems like a pretty weird functionality...) And it also looks like you CAN drag the takes if you click and then hold down ctrl. Again I think all the folders need to be open for it to work. I think I'd disconnected them in my early experiment and that's why dragging didn't work...
  9. All in sequence. Never hit stop, just let the tape run capturing all the takes. I think I might have found an answer, or at least a method. It looks like if you toggle the quick swipe comping button to turn it into the scissors, then option-click the take you want it selects the same take in all the grouped mics, then to move you can use the nudge button to move that take for all the mics. For some reason I can only get it to work with the nudge button, not by grabbing and moving the take with the mouse...? Maybe someone can explain what that's about. Let me know what your method is, might be way better, it's a bit confusing and scary to be trying to move stuff around always worried about missing something and the possible phase disaster that will occur... Thanks!!! DGB
  10. Thanks!!! Yeah, just comp together the best performance out of the 5 takes, just find the best performance phrase by phrase, bar by bar, or note by note, depending on how much fixing needs to be done. Just one song, a few minutes of music total, just acoustic guitar and two singers. Need a really natural feel, hence the no click. Nope! Thank goodness. Just a mix of the tracks already recorded. No need to set it to a grid or time correct anything beyond using the best versions already there. Totally. And thanks for any help you can give! DGB
  11. Yeah, all the mics were the same for the whole session (9 of them in different positions), and the recording of the 5 takes happened all in the same session. Just 9 mics in position, roll the tape and record take after take, not looped, just one after the other as the tape is rolling, then cut each into it's own section. I stacked the 5 groups of nine tracks so that they roughly match the timing of each other, but it's never going to be close enough to work, if I can't nudge a phrase back or forward... Love to hear solutions. I could just use volume fades and keep the takes in their own groups, but it makes it really hard to audition each bar for the take I want! Would love to hear your solutions, was hoping there was some great trick to make this as quick as with the easy swipe comping. Thanks! DGB
  12. Excuse me if I missed a good answer to this. I tried but couldn't find a solution that fits this scenario. I have a recording with 9 different mics (that need to stay phase aligned) but the various takes weren't recorded to a click. So I have 5 sets of 9 tracks. If I group all the mics together and click the phase align edit button, then I can't shift any of the recordings forward or back in time so that the phrases line up. Anyone have a great solution to this? I'd love to put say all the mic 1 tracks together, all the track 2 tracks together, then if I need to nudge take 2 into time have it grouped with the rest of its tracks from that take so it shifts all the mics from take 2 so they stay phase-aligned. Is that possible? Thanks!!!! DGB
  13. Hey all, Not sure if I'm just missing something but it seems that when you go into Alchemy's Additive module to start playing with the overtones, it stretches the upper overtones so that they're too sharp and don't line up with a sawtooth wave (or acoustic instrument sample). Maybe I'm just missing some tuning setting, but I couldn't get them to follow the correct harmonic series no matter how I messed with the pitch module or anything. Even manually tuning each overtone for one note meant that when you played an octave up they were stretched out of tune. Seems to get sharper as you go higher on the keyboard. I was using Izotope insight's spectrogram to check against a pure saw wave. See the pics below, i toggled Alchemy on and off so the Alchemy bits are the lines that are too sharp popping out. Any thoughts, solutions? Is it supposed to be like that, or is it a bug? Thanks!
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