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  1. Thanks man! I appreciate it. 👍 I will try that tonight.
  2. Hey all, finally got my Mac Studio set up and it's working great so far (thanks to everyone's help!) How do I move my EXS Sample library from Logic 9 to my new Mac? These are high quality samples of my old vintage synthesizers. I transferred the "sampler Instruments" file from my iMac to an external drive as backup and to hopefully get them into my new mac. Any suggestions on how this can be done? Will these even work with the M1 chip? Thanks! -Jay
  3. Wow, I'm so glad I asked. Thanks David! I was being told that the drive shouldn't read and write at the same time but that was probably referring to HDD's? The biggest SSD that I could get back then was 256g (2009). I didn't have the space to store all of the stuff from my virtual instrument, so I opted for the internal 2 tb HDD to store them. 12 years later and I'm in the same mindset I guess... So just to make sure, if I purchased the Mac studio with the 4TB drive, I can store everything on it and the sample libraries will load ok? Thanks again man, I appreciate it!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm getting conflicting answers to this question. Do you still need to use external SSD's to store sample libraries? Right now I have an old 2010 iMac with a 2tb internal HDD that I use for storing my samples and virtual instrument files. With the new Mac Studio, some are saying that is no longer necessary? I'm ready to order one, but I need to know whether I should get the big (4tb) SSD, or a 1TB internal and use an external (Thunderbolt/USB 3) SSD? Thanks so much!
  5. Thank you so much for replying! danyg, I think you are absolutely right about starting fresh with a new machine. There's just too much stuff on there to try and save. It's not a realistic expectation. Triplets, thank you so much for letting me in on that. I would have bought the 27" with the old technology if it weren't for you. Whew! I will definitely wait for the 27" to get it's upgrade to the new chip. Hopefully it's sometime this year. I'll have more specific questions then. But for now, thanks so much for the great advice and for helping me. My wife thanks you too LOL! I feel much better about making the switch. Thanks again! -Jay
  6. Hi there! I'm new here, I searched for my answer and got some results but from a few years ago. I'm wondering if anything has changed? Ok, so my current iMac 27 is from mid 2010. I've wanted to upgrade to Logic X but my computer simply won't allow it, understandably. Even when I updated to High Sierra my L9 was crossed out and unusable. Thanks to Time Machine, I was able to switch back to the previous evening. I understand that there used to be access to older versions but that is no longer the case? I'm running Sierra Version 10.12.6 (2.93GHz i7) with 20g Ram. The biggest reason I need to do this is to install Logic X. And the new OS would be great too! I'm confused about how to do this correctly and with minimal loss. I'm worried about my 64bit Soft Synths, my projects/songs and most importantly my EXS 24 Samples. I sampled all of my Vintage synths years ago using a company that no longer exists if that matters?. They are stored on the internal HD2 which is a 1Terabyte drive along with all of my other sample libraries. (The Orchestra, Ivory, Omnisphere, etc.) I would love for it to be a seamless transition, but am not very hopeful of this. I've been meaning to upgrade to a new Mac for years but have always been leery about losing all of this info. Now there are plugins that I need/want that don't support L9. Any advise on how to do this the right way? Time Machine? Is there a better way? I'm a musician that can get around Logic fairly well but this is a daunting and stressful task for someone like me. BTW I called apple support yesterday asking about buying Logic X from the app store on a compatible machine, then downloading it on my machine later. They told me that it no longer works like that.? Thanks in advance! -Jay
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