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  1. Hi guys well i located the issue - it was the EnVerb plugin on my hand clap trax - I found this out by putting on and looping a 4 bar cycle, and then methodically re-setting (and undoing) each channel strip until I saw the latency issue stop. The metronome and ruler now align with regions. Why that caused the issue is beyond me; but problem solved! Thanks for all your help & the hints - much appreciated. Alan
  2. screen shot attached - fingers crossed you can see something
  3. thanks but Sadly mate it hasn't helped - deleted all plugins on output (orig. had "factory ballad" setting in place) - every track is exactly 1 beat late soundwise, compared to what i'm seeing on the screen.
  4. Hi - I have Pro x 10.2 and for some reason a recent multi track recording has suddenly"jumped" a beat and starts on 2nd beat on the ruler when i play back ie everything aligns visually as it should, but the audio AND the metronome are now clicking/playing at 1 beat late, like a 2-3-4-1 instead of 1-2-3-4. Hope that makes sense! Any clues as to how I can reallign it all? When I open new template or other recordings, they are all ok. Cheers Alan
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