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  1. I might pick up this guitar if it's still cheap.....who knows, maybe this will make a guitar player out of me (finally!)
  2. Ohhhhhhhhh..........that is 100% what I'm looking for. Just need to borrow a guitar and give this a go!!!!!! Of course, this means I have a WHOLE lot more to learn (and this is not a bad thing!) Thank you, stratquebec!!!!!!!
  3. That's pretty much what I'm talking about. If I'm getting terms wrong that's on me, here. What I am asking is feasible is taking an actual guitar, recording all the notes on the neck individually, and then making patch(?) with each note like i did when I made my drum kits that I use to lay down the drum track. Theoretically, this should allow me to combine live sounding notes into my guitar tracks. This could also be a waste of time because it's also totally feasible that I have no idea how to improve the presets. I've tried using the amps and pedalboards, but they still aren't quite there. Again, please excuse my lack of knowledge as I am just starting out and have a LOT to learn And, also thank you for the welcome
  4. Hello everyone. I am fairly new to Logic and Iove it. I’m a bass player by trade and don’t know how to play guitar. Because of some health challenges I can’t play out anymore, but to keep sharp I like to program songs into Logic off of Guitar Pro tabs or what tabs I can find, play the bass parts myself, and see how they come out. Sometimes the final product is amazing, but enough backstory. Here’s the question: I am finding the guitar sounds that come in Logic to be underwhelming at best. For example, the clean guitar sound once you gets higher up in the register sound like a keyboard when put in the mix. The sustain is not nearly what it should be right out of the box for all the guitars and so it sounds choppy when holding a whole note. Since I can play a guitar, but can’t PLAY a guitar what if I made my own guitar sounds by playing individual notes that I can put into the piano roll from an actual guitar? And then use the pedal boards and amps in Logic on that? Does this make sense? Thanks in advance for any help!
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