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  1. Hi everyone, I am new to this forum as well as new to using a MIDI Controller in my production process. I am currently using the Korg nanoKontrol2 and, after a long researching process and much troubleshooting, I have it functioning in the sense that it is reliably controlling CC 1 & 11. I am on the latest version of Logic Pro X and have used this software for about a decade now in my own compositions and other work. Now for the issue itself. I have used the controller to input CC automation as I record, and that works fine. I have also recorded CC separately onto MIDI regions that have already been written, and that works fine. However, for some reason, when I move the faders on my MIDI controller on a virtual instrument track, the CC automation of the whole track changes to where the MIDI controller's faders were set at the time even though no CC automation was recorded. In fact, this was occurring simply during playback when I was testing the levels of the next region I intended to record. On top of that, the automation that was already written was now superficially overwritten without any evidence of any automation taking place, so now when I playback the track, it would all be set to a static level matching the MIDI controllers placements. Now, I am not overly knowledgable of the different types of automation (read, touch, latch, write, etc.), but I am familiarizing myself with them. For most of my purposes I use either read or touch. When this problem first started occurring, the track was on "read" and I was experimenting with "latch" and "write", but swiftly changed everything back to "read" upon noticing the issue. After returning to "read" mode, the problem persisted and I have since found it impossible to record automation since every time I playback and preface a new section by testing the MIDI CC going in, the whole track is being adjusted, destroying my previous work. I have some theories on what is happening, but my lack of in-depth knowledge is not conducive to a quick fix. My thoughts: 1. Perhaps if record is enabled on a track, the MIDI controller changes are seen as the desired level for anything being played back regardless of any recording taking place. 2. It could be that the type of automation I am using is incorrect or having this undesired effect. 3. Maybe the track itself has to have the automation tab set to "region" instead of "track" although I don't believe this should matter as I am not affecting any of the track automation with my specified faders, and there is no automation present in those parameters. 4. I have entered the twilight zone where all forms of logic must be dismissed. I appreciate any help on this as I am completely self/youtube-taught on the topic of music production. I look forward to learning more about this world. Thanks, Chris
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