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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone ! I want to sing an improvisation and then double it with a synth. while trying to do so i found out that its veeeeeeeery veeeeeeery hard to get even by hand all the slides and pitch inconsistencies or exact intonation and thus a question was born into my head. Can it be that through flex pitch i can not only export the pitches but also the slides and dynamics (dynamics not so important) into a MIDI file ? would that be possible in any way ? Thank you for your time to read and hopefully reply, MUHTAR ps. if anything from what i typed is unclear please feel free to ask peace and love !
  2. Hello, I am having difficulty with Flex-Pitch and would like to ask for help. I have tuned vocals using Logic's Flex-Pitch, and I want to Bounce In Place (BIP) that *Flexed* audio file so I can retain the Pitch Changes for the track without having to activate Flex-Pitch on that track. The problem is that whenever I BIP the Flex-Pitch audio file, the BIP audio that Logic produces on the new track is the original / raw file and it does not retain the Flex-Pitch changes. They are exactly like they were before flex pitch. How can I BIP my Flex-Pitch Vocals and have the BIP file retain the Flex-Pitch changes??? I have tried "solutions" that worked for people on other forum posts like freezing the track and changing Freeze Mode to Source or Pre-Fader, but the problem is persisting for me. Caveat: Normally, I would just leave the Flex Pitch file "as is" in the project, and not bounce it. However, it appears that Logic is giving me problems if I have Flex-Pitch activated on more than 1 or 2 channels: Whenever I try to activate it on a 2nd or 3rd channel to also use Flex-Pitch, Logic speeds up the audio tempo of that track (and shrinks) the file's time length that I'm trying to Flex-Pitch so it sounds like Alvin and the Chimpunks. I don't know if these problems are related, but if Logic would let me Flex-Pitch more than 2 or 3 channels at a time, I would just do that. Has anyone else experienced this before, or know how to resolve it? Thanks in advance for your help. -M
  3. Hey there! Everytime I turn flex pitch on my vocals sound very weird. I would say they sound crispy and different to the non flexed vocals. And that even happens when I don’t change notes. Could someone pls help me? Thanks!
  4. I work on lots of music with multiple tempos and it seems that whenever I turn on flextime in these sessions, the tracks go crazy, changing to weird, seemingly random tempos. The solution is that I have to do "Remove Original Recording Tempo" on every track before turning on flextime, which takes a bit of time as logic seems to reload all of my plugins. I typically end up getting it to work but it's really unstable and sometimes takes me over an hour just to get things working right. This never seemed to be a problem in the era before "Smart Tempo". I personally have never found Smart Tempo to be useable in any way and I wish there was just a way to turn it off altogether or make it so that "Original Recording Tempo" is just always removed. I'm posting this here partly to complain but more hopefully to see if anyone has a better solution for using flextime in sessions with multiple tempos. Is there something I could be doing better?
  5. Hi Everyone! I'm having trouble using the Flex Pitch function to "tune" a guitar (I'm playing with capo and some notes are out of tune). But when I activate Flex Pitch it starts messing with tempo too, making it sound weird. I only want to change pitch, no quantizing or tempo fix. What am I doing wrong? All the best!/Rick
  6. When I use flex pitch, my audio track stretches for some reason. I have searched around and the only thing I could find was to "write project tempo to audio file". Still it streches for some reason as shown in this video: awsd.mp4
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