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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I am trying to map the pads on my Launchkey 3 to Drum Machine Designer in Logic Pro X. I have been following a Youtube tutorial,which shows how to do this,but the guy demonstrating it is using a Launchpad.He shows how to click on the drop down menu in DMD,click on 'learn note',then press the pad on the Launchpad to map it to the software. I am trying to do this but on a Launchkey 3.When I click on 'learn note',the message 'Learn Input Note' appears.I press the pad I want to assign to the corresponding piece of kit in DMD,but the 'Learn Input Note' message is still there,whereas on the video it goes out.Therefore the pad has not been mapped to the programme. Could anybody help me to achieve this? Below is the video,,the part where he assigns pads is the second section
  2. Hello, I just bought a new launch key 88 mk3, and I downloaded all the things it needs to use in Logic Pro. But I can’t use things like click, record and other bottoms in the right site. Also the faders and pad don’t show the same colors as other people’s launch keys do. For example the pads should be red and green in session mode, but mine are just blue. I have searched for lots of information on the internet, many people say that go to control surface/ set up, and add the controller, my launch key is there already, but I can’t choose it, just don’t know why. I try to add it without having my controller plugged, and I can’t add it. Is there anyone know the reason? Any information could be helpful to me. Thanks
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