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Found 7 results

  1. I am using Logic Pro X 10.7.2 and an Arturia Minilab mkII. I am trying to map a button from the midi controller to toggle between which Mode the Control Surface is set to. I have found a parameter called Flip Mode, but it doesn't seem to change the mode or maybe I have it mapped wrong? Any help is much appreciated!
  2. Hi! I've been using Logic for a while and a couple years back I started using it as my main DAW for live performance. It was super easy with metaevents but since Logic was updated to 10.7 I'm having a lot of issues with MIDI and especially with metaevents. The main problem is that metaevents are happening earlier than when I want them to happen. Say I put a "Stop" metaevent at bar (16 1 1 1) well Logic will stop it at (15 3 4 123). Just an example, I don't know how many miliseconds of "earliness" it has, but it happens with all metaevents, and it didn't happen in previous versions. Anyway, metaevents were not the only problem with MIDI I had when updated. Every MIDI signal sent to any device was happening early, so I looked everywhere for solutions and it was simply a problem with Latency Compensation checkbox at the External Instrument. I also deactivated the "listen" checkbox in MIDI inputs to avoid feedback that also seemed to cause latency problems. So I tried to replicate this solution with Metaevents, trying to compensate latency but I don't know where does this MIDI Metaevent arrives and it is becoming very hard to me to build a live show in Logic because It doesn't stop on time and it doesn't jump to markers on time… a huge pain in the a**. I know metaevents are not a popular thing, but if you do know what's the problem, can you PLEASE help me figure this out? Or I just simply accept it's a bug? Rec-2.mp4
  3. I saw this option in a youtube video and used it once and then forgot how to activate it in my other projects and have been searching for it ever since. Definitely a great feature to have. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, please help. Thanks.
  4. I have a midi track recorded with a midi drum kit/pads. I think the kit was wonky or the drummer a little heavy handed - maybe both, not sure because there are double and triple hits on most of the midi notes (stacked up on each other) but randomly single hits as well. Is there a simple way to delete the redundant midi notes or do I have to scrub through measure by measure and delete each note each hit.... thanks for any help
  5. Hi: I'm using an external MIDI controller to step record a drum pattern into the Step Sequencer, as described in page 706 of the user guide. I'd like to intersperse some rests among the notes; how do I do that? There's a lot of info out there on how to manage it in older versions of Logic, but I can't find anything about doing it w/the SS. Using the Sustain pedal just creates a Sustain row in the SS. Any help appreciated - thx!
  6. Hi, our drummer has a roland TD9 vdrum , we hooked it up to Logic , to be able to use the logic kits and record the midi.... the td9 is connected with a midi to usb cable into the mac .... signal is comming in , and mapping is correct , so when he playes the drum , everything seems to work fine...but :single hits go well , but when he playes a drumgroove , some hits don't come through, like 1 out of 5 hits are missing , don't know how to explain , like the midi signal can't keep up with what the drummer is playing.... anyone an idea how to fix this ? could be a setting in the td9 module , or in logic? ( the td9 is a 2009 device )
  7. Hello everyone, I just recorded Rhodes part that after so many tries turned out sounding pretty darn good. But after looking in Piano Roll Editing window I realized that every note somehow was recorded twice. At exact same time,with exact same velocity. After "being in a moment", I only noticed that because playback sounded a bit distorted/phased. I resolved the MIDI loop issue but... Is there a command that can select not All Duplicate Messages, but only Duplicate messages that you can delete them? Otherwise I would have to drag every note one by one down and hit Delete. That will take a while... Hope your answer will help others, not just me! Thank you!
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