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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all! ‘It is disillusioned that I turn to you. I bought the nanokontrol studio yesterday. I realize that on Mac, the drivers are no longer compatible with recent versions of my OS. However, Korg recommends using Apple Midi drivers. So I set everything in Kontrol editor, but when I click on “Write scene set” (I save the settings), a message “Timeout” appears, making it impossible to use this software. I have therefore been looking for since 10h, the means of logic parameter so that automations such as "Modulation", the expression, respectively 1, 11 for midi, can be controlled by the sliders of my nano. I can't configure this controller in Logic! I can decently control the volume, the pan, the velocity but the more advanced parameters (Those of the automations of regions) which make my orchestral instruments more realistic don't impossible to bind..! Do you have an idea..? Thanks a lot!
  2. Just beginning my journey into hands-on DAW control with a KORG nanoKontrol Studio! (wish I'd done it a few decades ago but here we are..) All going great - except - I've just assigned the channel 'mute' button.. It works.. but only if I keep my finger on it Obviously I want it to be 'latching' not 'momentary' - as in: press it for mute, press it again for unmute.. What have I done wrong? Is there a little box I need to tick somewhere or a menu item to select? May thanks guys.
  3. Hi there, I've decided to go for nanoKONTROL Studio so I could control expression, dynamics, vibrato and other settings with faders on my instruments. I've set up settings from the app like this: So each fader could correspond to these settings: CC1 dynamics, CC11 expression and CC 21 vibrato. Obviously, I chose "assignable" from global settings and wrote scene data from the communication tab at the top Whenever I open up Logic I use this process: 1. Open Kontakt, load up instrument, remove its current CC1 (dynamics) because it is assigned to my keyboard's mod wheel 2. Try to press learn, move my 1st fader which from the korg app is assigned as dynamics and then nothing happens! I've realised there's a solution to do it in Logic using control surface parameters and learning these commands manually, however, this method is not working for me at all since I am using a routed template: I basically use 1 Kontakt instance with multiple instruments and route them to Logic as aux tracks. Whenever I am assigning those settings from control surfaces it only affects the 1st track of the instance while the rest remain untouched - when I select them from DAW, keyboard responds except controls of nanoKONTROL I've also realised if I leave CC1 on my midi keyboard and in DAW select different aux tracks through routing such as 2nd, 3rd other tracks from the same instance, they ARE being affected! So the problem lies within nanoKONTROL for sure and I really don't understand what I'm doing wrong I'm going mad here so any help would be greatly appreciated!
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