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Found 15 results

  1. Hi guys. I have a nanoKONTROL2 MIDI controller and would like to use one of its faders to automate MIDI events such as Expression and Modulation. But, when I search for the automation parameter on the track I can't find the MIDI parameters. How do I assign my controller's fader to control MIDI expression so I can automate through it? Thanks.
  2. Hi, I recently purchased a NanoKontrol2 for Logiic 10.4.8 on a Mac Pro. The nano can be used as a control surface for panning, track volumes etc. My main reason for buying was to use it in the midi track regions for expression, modulation, etc. The Nano comes with a software to program its faders and knobs for specific Midi CC commands. I did that, but I can't manage to have any of my midi tracks to respond to the CC commands. It will only work as a surface control. Logic recognizes the device. All drivers and software have been installed including one that they recommend for Logic/Garage Band. I've uninstalled/reinstalled the drivers and software, reset Nano and nothing. Super frustrating. Anyone run into the same problem with this? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, In Mainstage I have no problem assigning my NanoKontrol2 to toggle certain plugins off and on. But it doesn't seem to work in Logic Pro X. When use the learn function, it doesn't lead to a functional result. I've tried turning on the "Toggle" mode. My buttons are currently in toggle mode. Is there a way to simply assign a CC to the toggle, rather than this language (B0 30 Lo7) as it appears in this screenshot? I don't know why Mainstage and Logic are so different to use in terms of navigating the same functions (assigning controllers, etc.) Thanks!
  4. Hello, after digging through every forum I could find about this topic I'm still having problems and getting really frustrated with this issue. After booting Logic the "Control Surface Setup" window appears automatically when I have devices connected. I then delete everything there is and also check the section in "Logic Pro > Control Surfaces > "Bypass All Control Surfaces". As soon as I connect or disconnect any device I have to do this process again. (Deletes devices in the Control Surface window that is popping up and bypassing all control surfaces again). This drives me nuts since this has started happening a year back or so. I have deleted everything I could find in terms of MIDI devices or ".bundles" (as this is happening not just with the nanoKONTROL 2) and tried to reset everything but it still happens. What I do think is weird is what it says at "Output / Input Port" that can be seen in the picture attached. Sorry if this topic has been discussed multiple times but I can't seem to get it fixed myself.
  5. Aaaahhhh. Logic Pro X forgets controller assignments when I reopen a project. So I assign a fader from my Lemur App on my iPad, or a hardware midi controller to say, Volume of the selected track, Solo of the selected track..... It works great until I close the project and reopen it. After the project opens everything needs to be reassigned. Total hassle, total garbage. I tried trashing the cs prefs but it's the same. I've read about this issue in other posts. Does anyone know why this keeps happening? Cheers
  6. Hi everyone, I am new to this forum as well as new to using a MIDI Controller in my production process. I am currently using the Korg nanoKontrol2 and, after a long researching process and much troubleshooting, I have it functioning in the sense that it is reliably controlling CC 1 & 11. I am on the latest version of Logic Pro X and have used this software for about a decade now in my own compositions and other work. Now for the issue itself. I have used the controller to input CC automation as I record, and that works fine. I have also recorded CC separately onto MIDI regions that have already been written, and that works fine. However, for some reason, when I move the faders on my MIDI controller on a virtual instrument track, the CC automation of the whole track changes to where the MIDI controller's faders were set at the time even though no CC automation was recorded. In fact, this was occurring simply during playback when I was testing the levels of the next region I intended to record. On top of that, the automation that was already written was now superficially overwritten without any evidence of any automation taking place, so now when I playback the track, it would all be set to a static level matching the MIDI controllers placements. Now, I am not overly knowledgable of the different types of automation (read, touch, latch, write, etc.), but I am familiarizing myself with them. For most of my purposes I use either read or touch. When this problem first started occurring, the track was on "read" and I was experimenting with "latch" and "write", but swiftly changed everything back to "read" upon noticing the issue. After returning to "read" mode, the problem persisted and I have since found it impossible to record automation since every time I playback and preface a new section by testing the MIDI CC going in, the whole track is being adjusted, destroying my previous work. I have some theories on what is happening, but my lack of in-depth knowledge is not conducive to a quick fix. My thoughts: 1. Perhaps if record is enabled on a track, the MIDI controller changes are seen as the desired level for anything being played back regardless of any recording taking place. 2. It could be that the type of automation I am using is incorrect or having this undesired effect. 3. Maybe the track itself has to have the automation tab set to "region" instead of "track" although I don't believe this should matter as I am not affecting any of the track automation with my specified faders, and there is no automation present in those parameters. 4. I have entered the twilight zone where all forms of logic must be dismissed. I appreciate any help on this as I am completely self/youtube-taught on the topic of music production. I look forward to learning more about this world. Thanks, Chris
  7. Hi folks I've just spent the last couple of hours trying to get my Korg Nanokontrol Studio to talk to Logic 10.7.4 to no avail. Is it still possible or not? I notice it's absent from logic-pro-control-surfaces-support-guide.pdf It's visible in Preferences -> MIDI -> Inputs, but not in Preferences -> Control Surfaces All I want to do for now is control the volume faders. Thanks Koofa
  8. Dear users. Have you experience how to turn Logic Pro X instruments’ knobs with Korg Nano Kontrol 2? Currently it only adjust track volume or pan. Thanks for advice.
  9. Hi, I have multiple issues with my new Orchestral Tools Berlin Orchestra library within Logic Pro X. I'm working on a 2017 iMac OS Catalina. After installng the new library - Berlin Strings section in the Sine Player, I'm trying to include it in my template, where I also have Spitfire Albion Strings in Kontakt, which work fine. Issue 1: I've meticulously set up articulation sets to correspond to the Berlin Strings, which are in the Sine Player. However, they don't work. I have changed the instrument channels to 'Omni" in the Player, but that doesn't help. As it is, even if I physically put in the key switches as notes on the track, they still are not working. I have to click on a new articulation in Sine Player to get them to switch. So, keyswitching isn't working at all. As for making articulation sets, I know how to set them up, as I already use them for other instrument libraries. Issue 2: my nanoKontrol2 controller is not responding at all to the OT instruments - even though it is recognized and "on" in the standalone Sine Player. I've been talking to both companies, but neither has come up with an answer, and now are not responding. Using the "learn" button does not change anything when I move the slider on the controller. I tried to see if it would record any CC data, but there was nothing. The nanoKontrol works fine for all my other libraries. Again, I also put the instruments in Sine on "omni" channels. What do I do? Does anyone have experience in using the Sine Player in Logic, and/or with the Korg nanoKontrol?
  10. I could probably title this a bit better.. I cannot for the life of me figure out what key words to search for to find out how to setup my nanokontrol to be a fader bank. I just want to use 6-7 of the faders on the nk to ride the busses in the mix, but Logic really wants to only have the 'Selected Track' style parameter control. what do I do?
  11. My nano has some buttons to turn a selected patch on or off. They turn the respective patches on just fine, but when I push the button to turn them off they toggle off and right back on again. In short: the patch effectively won’t turn off. I’ve reset my nano, remapped those buttons, nothing works. Oh, and I’ve used a different keyboard and a friend’s nano and the same thing happens. I’m using a recent MacBook Air and the latest OS. Any help would be AWESOME.
  12. Hi everyone, I just got my nanokontrol2 one month ago and I've searched hours trying to fix this issue but didn't find any video or discussion to fix it so I decided to write myself. My goal is to simply setup CC1 to control modulation (i.e the mod wheel) for my Kontakt orchestral instruments in Logic. Unfortunately, the first problem is that my Korg Nanokontrol Editor doesn't let me change the values of the CC numbers and the lower/higher values of each slider. It seems to be completely none responsive and changes the values randomly when I try to manipulate it. Does anyone know if there still are compatibility issues with the Korg Nanokontrol Editor and macOS Big Sur as I'm also using the M1 chips ? Ignoring the fact that I can't handle the editor, I still somehow managed to get a CC1 slider and wrote the scene to save the changes. But now when I move this CC1 slider in Kontakt, it doesn't affect the mod wheel (doesn't affect anything to be precise). Do you have any idea how to solve this eternal issue of mine ? Thanks in advance. There is a picture of my Nanokontrol Editor
  13. I've noticed when I move the faders on the org the midi channel is 0 instead of 7, 1 instead of 11, and 2 instead of 1 I've tried to use the Korg editor to correct this but I seem to be getting nowhere I program the midi numbers but it seems to have no affect when using it in logic (still says midi 0 midi 1 etc) Is it because of a conflict? I know the editor is a bit wonky on Big Sur but its worked fine until now Drew I did notice the volume slider on my Keystation is transmitting midi channel 7 EDIT: Never mind because I am an idiot. (I have to write scene data in Korg Editor software) I'll keep this validation that I am an idiot up in case someone else has the same problem and wants to save face. Drew AKA He Who Carries Shame
  14. I'm not sure if this is possible. I've been surfing but nothing relevant comes up (at least not in the first four or so Google pages) I have keyswitches on my key station keyboard but was wondering if I can assign them to my NanoKontrol buttons Drew
  15. When pressed , just clicks and doesn’t stay on, when reopened works fine
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