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Found 15 results

  1. I’m working with a four-part score. It seems like I need to have all four tracks and their regions highlighted in the Main Window in order for me to choose and then see the score sets I want to work with. Is this normal behavior? Thanks.
  2. I used to do this, but I don't remember how I did it. I have a crowded measure, and the one next to it is just a rest. I'd like to move the bar line so that the crowded measure has more room. Thanks in advance.
  3. This may be a stretch, but I'm wondering if there is a way to import a pdf file into logic, wherein the pdf would contain guitar chord diagrams (not musical notes). I know there are programs that will convert pdf into midi. Just not sure if it's possible to somehow convert chord diagrams in pdf into midi and then have Logic recognize this. Probably not but thought I'd ask. I make my own very specialized chord diagrams and Logic's are really inadequate. Thanks.
  4. How to get notes shorter than a sixteenth to display in the piano roll score view or the score editor? I have just found Functions>Note Attributes>Independent>Independent in the Piano roll Editor. Is this the solution?
  5. I have begun transcribing a track from a CD by Beatmapping it first by hand - in the project the bars are lined up exactly with the track and the project is at an advanced stage. I have then downloaded and imported a movie from youtube of the same track on which someone has done a video transcription. In the snap shot below you can see I have cut the original Audio track BLUE so that Beat one lines up exactly with Bar one on which the whole transcription is based. However the audio GREEN in the Movie begins slightly later - and is smpte locked. Question: how do I shift the entire Movie so that it starts earlier and its audio track lines up exactly with the original audio ( so that they sound completely in sync)?
  6. I cant seem to change the staff style for a midi trumpet region in to Bb so that i can send to trumpet player . It just stays in concert . I have selected the midi trumpet region, >opened up Score >opened up Layout>Show Staff styles>selected Trumpet Bb ...but nothings changed on my trumpet score . What am i doing wrong . Please help
  7. Logic apparently still does not seemingly provide Midi functionality to its guitar chords for some reason. Guitar chords seem to be only for visual reference with no relation at all to what is on the piano roll/score editor unless manually matched up. There's no chord drag/drop with midi - instead a laborious process is required of first building the chords in the piano roll/score editor, then dragging the desired guitar chord onto the score editor, but it's still just for visual purposes only. Very frustrating and time consuming. As a work-around, how to set up my own chord library with specific chords that are already linked to existing (pre-built) chords in the piano roll/score editor? Or some other better solution. . . . Thanks so much!
  8. I am having weird problems in Score Editor. All of a sudden, when I click on a note that is sounding harsher than it should, I see a much longer duration bar that it should have. See the attached screen shot. The note with the long duration bar is actually the correct length. In the piano roll is displays correctly. I also find that sometimes I click on notes in for the instrument I am actively working with and no duration bar appears and the note does not sound on the click. If I click on notes in the non-active instruments, they work fine. This is happening when I am working on editing automation curves and velocity settings for music that is already written, only minimally editing notes. I am using Audio Modelling SWAM instruments, and the only other non-Apple plugins are Izotope Neutron 3 Elements and Ozone 9 Standard, which are all active as I edit. Note that I am editing directly; I am not creating the notes or the automation with an external device, just Mac keyboard and touchpad. Note that when I restart Logic is all seems to go away for a while, but it comes back very quickly and I have to keep re-starting to keep working. This has definitely started since I bought an Macbook Pro M1. I think it only started after all the software I am using became Apple Silicon universal and I stopped having to use Rosetta. I realize it could be a problem with the instruments or plugins. Has anyone seen anything like this before?
  9. Steinberg is introducing a new notation/scoring program called Dorico. On their website is a screenshot of a measure for which they claim is "advanced notation". I wanted to see if I could achieve those same advanced notation results in logic.... This is not for the faint of heart - however might be a good challenge for those score editor fanatics who really want to test their knowledge.
  10. Generally, a ghost note is written in parenthesis. Is there a way to do this other than creating parenthesis' in as text and aligning them? thanks
  11. I want the D in the treble clef to be a grace note. When I go to Functions -> Note Attributes -> Independent -> Independent Grace, the note gets hidden and ties are created. How can I get that D note to look like a grace note that can be seen and not have the ties? Thanks.
  12. when i select the layout and staff styles, and choose the trumpet in Bb (or any other for that matter) I assumed it would change the score automatically, but nothing happens when I select any of the options. How do I get the parts ive played in midi to change so I can send the parts to brass players? thanks ps, cant see where to save the parts in the score window to send the files either?
  13. Logic Pro 10.7.4, Score editor Why can't I insert key signatures in the same song to 2 instruments while for other instruments they are automatically assigned? Please let me know!
  14. Can someone confirm this issue please... When you double click on the key signature a dialogue box opens which includes a check box to disable the use of double flats/sharps. If you check this box and say ok and then again double click the time signature - the check box is not retained. It appears as if the option cannot be enabled....
  15. The project in this Dropbox Link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/yjop2yiuyknlf7g/BE - correct tempo.logicx.zip?dl=0 is from an arrangement transcribed after Beat Mapping manually ( with input drum sound midi template on beat 1 and 3 of 4/4 groove). You can see the Tempo map in this project and map is pretty accurate .. except for the misplaced early beat in Bar 3 which can clearly be heard out of time... The pattern of the rhythm is consistent and should sound consistent but in that bar the note comes to soon. Question: can you adjust the Beat Map to change the position of a given note so it sounds in time? If I try and do this it throws them all out... Just wondering if anyone has a solution.. beyond entirely Beatmapping the whole Project from the start of the wrong note onwards to the end ( which is what I have usually done in the past). The problem stems by the way from if your original Beat Map Template is not rhythmically spot on aligned with the Audio - and that is down to the person playing in the Beat Map in real time ( though you can of course use Varispeed to slow the entire Tempo of a fast tune down making it easier to Beat Map)
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