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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I want to use the Scripter plugin to change the value of the Modulation Wheel when a specific button or note on the Keyboard is pressed. In the screenshot below you can see what I tried but it does not work as expected. When I press the key C5 (pitch equals 84), the Scripter shows me that the mod wheel value was set to 20 but I can see that the value of the mod wheel controller did not change. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong or how I can achieve that? Thanks in advance for your support!
  2. I'm on vacation with my little mobile setup, the view is great and the house is perfect, thank you (OK nobody cares... ). I use an XkeyAir as a controler keyboard. Nice thing, little size and can generate polyphonic aftertouch which is great when you need it. But... as far as I know polyphonic aftertouch doesn't appear in the pianoroll window, just in the list window which is not realy usefull for editing the curves. Yes, I can convert poly AT to channel AT with the MIDI transformation utility but this is a posteriori. So, is it a way to convert polyAT to ChAT in real time, like you can convert any CC to pitchbend or other CC with the MIDI Modifier plugin (which doesn't offer the possibility to work with PolyAT ). Can the Scripter do that?
  3. Hey guys, for the MIDI FX Scripter I need a simple script that converts velocity to pitch. In the same way I did here in the Environment transformer, low velocity to low keys and high velocity to high keys. Reason being that the drum VI is layed out across the keys per velocity, this cannot be changed. Problem is I have no clue how to input that in the Scripter. Is there somebody willing to create or provide this simple script? Much much appreciated! Regard, Vincent
  4. Sounds kinda crazy, but basically I have a drum pad (Roland SPD-SX) which when I play midi from, I've observed in the event list the length of each note is on average 1-2 (ticks? not sure what the measurement is). Attaching screengrab below. Then if I play the same notes from my keyboard controller (NI Kontrol S49ii) at the *same speed* more or less (these were pretty fast 16th & 32nd notes!), the length of each note is typically 80-100+. The problem is, while some instruments have no issue with the 1-2 length notes, I'm noticing some instruments will not fire - they must have a threshold of how long a note has to be in order to actually play. In theory I can record something on the pads and then lengthen all the notes afterwards and it will work, but that's not only tedious but also would make playing along very difficult if you can't hear all the notes... I couldn't find an effect in the midi list that would modify this. However there is a "scripter" tool. I'm not a coder but curious if anyone has an idea how I could force all input notes to have a minimum value? This way I could just add that script as a midi effect before an instrument with that issue and I'll be good to go. I want to be clear this isn't a Logic issue per se, just that Logic is my DAW of choice. Same thing happens in Ableton. There's no adjustments on the drum pads that I have found that can lengthen input notes either. So if anyone can suggest a midi utility for mac that could accomplish this, let me know! Thanks
  5. Hi all - Now that Logic has the ability to use scripting in a MIDI plug-in I'm wondering if it might be possible to incorporate some sort of divisi scheme into the environment. If any of you have LA Scoring Strings you'll be familiar with the Kontakt script they wrote which distributes chord tones to distinct MIDI channels. Their script tracks what you're playing and does a good job of making smooth transitions from note to note, even when the voices are moving at different times. If I had the first clue about scripting I might give this a try. Anyone have a clue as to how this might be done? Steve
  6. i need a midi script for upper note priority and another one for lower voice priority - found one at gearspace for last note priority but need the other ones for use with stacking hardware synths together with the logic arpeggiator - when using the arpeggiator the hardware synths priority doesn't work like expected. if anyone has these scripts or likes to program them please let me know many thanks in advance!!!
  7. I have verified that it is in my system through plug-ins manager, but under the compatibility column there is only a dash. I’m running Logic Pro 10.6.3 and MacOS Catalina (Late 2013) iMac 27”. Literally no one has a video or article on this issue.
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