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Found 2 results

  1. The third-party preset sharing thread has, over many years, become rather a behemoth and difficult to wade through to find presets for the plugins you may be interested in, so I've gone through it and indexed all the presets shared into one handy reference post (someone had to do it eventually, but it was a large task!) (Please continue to share presets, and discussion, on the existing thread, not here, to keep this index clean of clutter - thank you!) Index - Instruments Index - Effects Notes: The earlier back you go, the less likely the files are to work with current versions of the plugins. When the thread started in 2005, we were on Logic 7/8, and had mostly 32-bit PPC plugins, and over a decade's worth of development means old stuff will likely not work. More recent stuff should work fine. So, always look first for the most recent date files for your plugins. I've linked to the original post, rather than directly to the file download, as often the poster provides additional notes or context for the files. Again, the earlier you go, the more likely files are to be partial or incomplete. I can't guarantee which files work or not, so you're on your own trying them out. I've gone through and marked files which are no longer available, but I can't try them all out to mark which ones work - if you try something and it doesn't work, don't blame me, but do let me know (on the other thread) and I'll mark them as broken. If you don't know how to use these files, there is plenty of info on the main thread which will answer all your questions, but if you can't face wading through the thread, you can post there and ask and someone will help. Or check out David's sticky thread: - HOW TO use the setting files in this forum The formatting is not ideal as there are limited formatting options within a post (eg, no tables etc) so I've done my best to be as clear as possible to use. I will update this index going forward as new shares get posted on the main thread. Again, please continue to share presets, and discussion, on the existing thread, not here, to keep this index clean of clutter - thank you!
  2. Hi! I like to have volume and pitch on the metronome at max. Can i set this as a default?
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