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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, can someone recommend a good high speed ext drive like the Glyph Atom raid.( or higher than that).Best buy does not carry glyph unfortunately. Thanks
  2. Some time ago I located the Sound Libary on an External Drive and it seemed to work fine. Recently upgraded to Monterey and since then: 1/ When I open a new custom template Logic does not load the usual sounds associated with that Template but asks to download content 2/ I click yes, it asks for my mac password and then says ‘failed to download’ - this happens repeatedly. Two questions: • How do I check that Logic is properly connected to the Sound Library external drive? • Is it downloading the sounds local to my computer ( ie which I dont want it to do)?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm getting conflicting answers to this question. Do you still need to use external SSD's to store sample libraries? Right now I have an old 2010 iMac with a 2tb internal HDD that I use for storing my samples and virtual instrument files. With the new Mac Studio, some are saying that is no longer necessary? I'm ready to order one, but I need to know whether I should get the big (4tb) SSD, or a 1TB internal and use an external (Thunderbolt/USB 3) SSD? Thanks so much!
  4. Hi, I have.read that many people are using a 2nd (external drive) for their sample libraries. I'm still on the latest version of Catalina (mid-2020 MacBook Pro 16", 8 Core I9, 32G RAM, 1TB) and I wanted to make sure (before I open it) that this 2nd Drive IS Good for me and for my use! "SanDisk - Extreme 2TB External USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A/Type-C Portable Solid-State Drive" I'm Definitely Great with using a SSD Drive and (as my new MacBook Pro is Thunderbolt 3), want to be sure that the above Drive is GREAT (not just, eh, okay, or too slow) for storing and running things like Amplitube 5 Max or East/West Hollywood Pop Brass. It is USB C (of course), actually USB 3.1 it says, but not necessarily "Thunderbolt 3". I know of course that I can go buy the much pricier Glyph and such drives (that are Great), or a technically "Thunderbolt 3" drive that'll likely cost near double or so. Just don't know (or think) I need it. It's mainly for me editing (and possibly also for me tracking solo). So having not run (or using) any sample libraries previously, I just want to be sure that THIS Drive is Great for me and my use! Thank you!
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