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Using Firewire Drive & Soundcard together (latency?)


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I'm soon to get an audio interface. Everyone always says firewire, so thats what I figure on. Thinking Presonus Firepod. USB2 is out of the picture, maybe PCI or PCI express is a possibility.


But the main question is,


Like, when I run my firewire 800 drive its pretty fast. But when I chain on another firewire 800 drive, it seemsa lot slower. Not that I would normally hook it up that way, but will I have a bit of a bottleneck Using a FW800 drive and a FW interface?


Do interfaces come in FW800?


And would there be benefit to running the drive off the FW 800 port and the interface off of the FW400 port?


Suppose I add later a Focusrite Liquidmix, thats also firewire. What can I do to make sure that I have the maximum speeds with all concerned?



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Im not sure if using a fw400 interface and a fw800 drive would slow anything down, although im pretty sure they use the same bus. I'm running a 17" MacBook Pro 2.16 with 2 gig of ram, a Motu Traveler (fw400) and a Lacie ext Drive (fw800) and have had no speed issues at all.


Also, I haven't seen any fw800 interfaces.... just fw400... but they could exist.



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