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motu 828 as a a simple ad/da converter?

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Hi ,


Does anyone know if it is possible to connect a Motu 828 with optital adat IN/OUT and use it as a simple converter AD/DA without having to install the motu driver?


Let me explain :


I have a RME pci card with 3 adat outs and three adat ins.


Two adat outs are goind to an Apogee DA with 16 analog outs ,but I'd like to add 8 outs and ins (for reasonnable price) to my system.


Is it possible to use an 828 as a standalone converter going in and out simultanously ?





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From reading MOTU's brochure on this, I would say you probably could - the unit is designed to operate in standalone mode as a mixer, with panel controls for routing and such...


If you run Tiger, you could also just firewire the unit to your computer and then create an aggregate device in Core Audio:




This will allow you to use both units simultaneously. Be aware that the 828 is not on par with the DA-16 for converter or analogue electronics quality. The Rosetta 800 would be a more comparable unit to the DA-16 for the application you are describing, but is several times the price of the MOTU...

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Thanks , Marcel!


I knew already that the 828 is nothing compare to the DA-16 but I just need something afordable to send and receive FX from my analog units (rev,delay...) to Logic ..and I thought it would be easy to find a cheap 828!


Anyway thanks a lot for the infos!



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