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Any scripts that can change CC to Notes?

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Hi all,


I've set up an instance of EXS24 at concert level of MainStage to a second controller. I'm doing this so I can run a 6 second loop of pads in the background no matter what patch I am using.


Problem is I need to latch this note so that i can switch the pads on and off, and EXS24 doesn't accept CC information to trigger samples, it needs notes. But this doesn't help as you can't latch notes (?), but you can latch CC info...and I can't map those pads to a button on something like a NanoKontrol or some other midi controller.


Is there a script i can put on the EXS channel strip to receive CC and send it to EXS as a midi note?? This would allow me to then also latch that button (one I would create on the layout) and then hit it again to turn the pad off.


I'm up for whatever solution you guys might have, nothing is too out of the box..... I've been losing sleep over this issue for days now.



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Thanks for the Script!


It works fine, but I am having a problem with it.


It seems to only output midi notes to channel 1.

I have my midi channel set to ch13.

All the notes from my keyboard are going to the correct channel. (coming in on ch 1 sending out to ch 13).

but the control numbers are not rechannelizing.


Is there something I am missing?

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