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Summing Stack Pan Issues [SOLVED]


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OK, so I'm frustrated beyond explanation. I'm trying to route a group of mono background vocals to a summing stack. However, when I do, the summing stack plays the panned mono tracks in both the left and right channels. If I route the individual vocal tracks to a stereo out, they maintain their proper panning, etc...


Shouldn't the summing stack maintain the pan that is being sent? It is a stereo stack...


I'm at a total loss and could really use some advice...


Thanks, guys.

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OK, so the reason I'm even trying to make this track stack thing happen is that I've got a session with like 40 tracks. Originally, I had sent different sets of tracks to different bus outputs (thinking I was creating something similar to a drum group, with all drums' outputs going to a stereo drum buss). I was hoping to save some memory and have effects on the one buss to process the different groups of tracks (and automate volumes). After getting all of this setup and listening more closely, I realized that everything was in both L and R channels, despite panning. So, I thought I'd try the summing stack method. After posting above that it worked, I set up another stack and it DIDN'T work. I'm thinking it has something to do with the effects that I'm putting on the stack (and on the busses I was creating before.


SO...what would be the best practice for reducing my processing for similar types of tracks (BGVs, for example) and sending them to some sort of track stack / buss/ whatever? I'm just looking to get some EQ, compression, tape machine, Slate VCC...


Thanks for helping...I'm coming from a Pro Tools world and have seriously lost my way...

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