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Muting/spliting audio regions by another track


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I have two tracks of audio - first is a dawn chorus of birdsong, second, a recording of our family having dinner. I've cut all the 'boring' bits out of the dinner recording but kept the dead spaces. I'd like the dawn chorus to fill these spaces and mute when the dinner track has active audio - is there a way to split the dawn chorus by activity on the dinner track? Many thanks.

Logic Pro X and Mavericks

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Thanks for the link Eric :)

So the preferred way to go would be to:

Insert a noise gate on the chorus track, crank up the reduction to +20, and set the side chain to the dinner-track ?

It seems as doing so reduces the noise gate-track by 20 db, and adding one more reduces the signal further 20 db.

Is this the "correct" way of using the noise gate as a ducker ?


EDIT: Oh, just found the Ducker plugin now, sorry... :oops:

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