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Score Question? Getting two selected tracks to appear?


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I am trying to get two tracks to show up in the score editor and can't figure it out though I did at one time???


I have 4 midi tracks recorded but I only want to see two of them in the score to check some parts against each of them. I can get either track to show up when selecting but if I select both of them in the arrange page still only 1 track shows up in score.

If I click the up arrow button (up a level I think) on the left side in the score window twice I then get all 4 tracks to show.


So I can get any single track to show in score be selecting it in the arrange and all 4 but hitting the up arrow but not just two tracks?


Can someone clue me in?? I could have sworn I was able to this before. :!:




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One quick way is when you see the full score, highlight the two staff systems in the score editor or in the arrange window (both work) then go to layout->create score set from selection. This will give you two staves anytime that score set you created is selected in the filter drop down of the inspector.
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