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turn Pitch to ProgramChange in scripter


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Hi Unheardofski


your site is a great idea. Bravo and congratulations for your work !!! Special thanks for the script to pitch prog.change :)

It's really cool. I look forward to trying this! I


I give you back my use of returned soon.


Good lucky for your site



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Hope posting the link wasn't streching the board rules too much. I'll still do mostly free stuff and only charge for the most complex scripts


No, that's fine. You're clearly not a spammer and we appreciate you've kindly contributed your scripts to this community :)

You should actually add the link to your signature so that it is visible in all your posts. :wink:





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done. Thanks for the tip and the kind words!


While we are discussing the scripts I have to plug a couple of new ones:


Chordio has actually made beta testers heads explode.

There is also one almost out called MIDI Pianist (I have a couple more tweaks to go) which blew myself away when running it together with EZkeys - it breathes life into robotics.

Lastly one called MelodyFactory that includes pretty much every known scale ever used in the history of the cosmos ready at your fingertips to spew out a melody line. :D stay tuned.

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