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Humanize automation curves in LPX


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Just wondering if that is possible. I´d like to randomly create some points within specific parameters to randomize automation curves so that they sound as if they were recorded live. Just like the humanize midi notes and CC but for automation. Does that exist in LPX? I can not find it. :?:

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I suppose you could try to open an automation event list, and use the Transform window to humanize the automation events?


Edit: hmm no, I just tried and it wouldn't work. :shock:


Edit 2: Ok I was able to make it work by converting the fader data to control data, humanize, then convert back to fader. But the result is far from what you'd get by drawing by hand, very jittery, probably not what you would want anyway.


Why not just draw by hand with the Pencil tool, keeping a loose hand?

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