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assigning oxygen 8 v2


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Hi guys.

after upgraded to Logic pro X, I'm trying to assign a knob from my Oxygen8 V2 to any of Logic's built in or third party plugins but unfortunately this is not possible.When you learn just a knob to a function, for instance,space designer's dry,suddenly,all oxygen's knobs have the same assignment.Every knob you move,moves dry.Does anyone know how to solve this?I have already reset PRAM and repair permissions.


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If I understand well,I can see in the display bar,every knob I touch i get 1-99-1.


So yeah, that means each knob is sending the same message. Change them so that each one sends a unique message.

You could do it manually, but it would be easier to just switch to a preset that has unique assignments for each knob.



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