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OS X not installed properly?

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the last two times I did a fresh install of Mavericks, something weird happened during the installation, and I wasn't sure if that was normal. In both cases I installed Mavericks with a bootable USB flash drive. I use the createinstallmedia feature described on Apple's Support page. (apparently the best way of making a bootable USB flash drive)


Anyway, so once the flash drive was "done", I restarted the Mac while holding the ALT key (or at least I believe it was the ALT key). A grey window appear, with a choice of several drives to start from. So I chose the flash drive with the Mavericks installation. I then landed in that grey "dream land" menu screen where you've only got Safari, Terminal I think, Disk Utility and the option to install Mavericks. I call it a "dream land" because it's a weird place :lol:


Anyway, I then first went into Disk Utility - in that grey world - and wiped everything off my drives. My Mac Pro has a Samsung 850 Pro SSD in it, and a 2TB HDD, which, however, is not really relevant here I believe, as the SSD is used as the boot drive.

So I came back to the "main screen" and selected "Install OS X".


Now comes the really weird part - but maybe it's normal, I have no idea. Basically, it started installing OS X, and I thought everything was okay. The progress bar was already at the end then, and it stayed at "less than a second remaining" for a really really long while. I've googled this issue before and apparently lots of people had it. You'd think the installation was finished by now, but nope. Instead, it started again. The Mac restarted, and a new (similar, or same-looking window) appear, with a new progress bar this time. 25 minutes were left and it really last 25 minutes.


Then came the screen to choose language, country… whatever.


This has happened twice to me. Is this normal? It feels as if Mavericks was installed… twice :lol:


I've had some other issues with my Mac, and I'm not sure if this is related. That's why I put this in a separate thread for now. I guess the safest way of installing Mavericks would be by downloading it, but that's a real pain as the internet is terrible slow on this computer. :) That's the reason why I saved the installer.



Thanks ;)

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