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Imac 5k screen real estate with logic X?

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I need to upgrade my system and I am looking at the imac 27 5k or the late 2013 imac 27.

Does the 5k gives more screen real estate in logic X?


I would like to see a screenshot of both if possibe



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I'm jsut trying to see if I should go 5k or not....

With my gf rebate from school the difference in price for me in canada is 477$

I'll be adding another 16gb ram aftermarket.


imac 27 5k 3735.54$ (tx included) canadian


8gb am

radeon r9 m295x 4gb

512 ssd


imac 27 alte 2013 3258.39$

3.5 ghz

8 gbram

geforce 780m 4gb

512 ssd


will be use approx:

55% for logicX

25% aperture and lightroom and maybe final cut If I ever buy my go pro!!

10% word of warcraft

10% surfing web etc

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I know the reviews of the 5K are superb. In Mac Pro Territory. If I had to choose, I'd go 5K and mess with screen resolution to fit my bifocal eyes.


Your Appeture/Lightroom begs for the 5K.


** Be careful! ** Do make sure you can add aftermarket RAM. Apple is soldering RAM and SSDs to motherboards these days.


My philosophy for buying (new) computers has always been, "spend until it hurts, the spend a little more."

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