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Tips on mixing my first song with Logic Pro X


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Hi everyone,


I am a newbie with regards to Logic Pro X and home recording in general but I have finally reached the point where I want to mix my first song with Logic Pro X and I just wondered if anyone of you knowledgeable users have any tips for a beginner like myself with regards to mixing my first song?


The first thing I need to know is quite basic but what should the volume levels be on the tracks for example:


Best volume levels for mixing a song:


1) Drums

2) Bass

3) Guitars

4) Solo Guitar

5) Lead Vocals

6) Background Vocals

7) Percussion

8) Synthesizer Chords

9) Synthesizer Riffs

10) Strings


I also need to know the Best settings and the Best effects I can use to enhance:


1) Vocals

2) Background Vocals


If there is anything that I might have missed that you guys think I need to know about then i would welcome any advice about mixing my first song. I have heard so much about effects like Reverb and Compressin that I would love to know any helpful tips you might have.


Many thanks.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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