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Automating Effects


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I'm sure this is somewhere on the forum, no luck finding it yet...


Basically I'm looking to add effects just in certain parts of a song on a few tracks - even the ability to tweak parameters on that effect in real time. (speed up a delay or a leslie effect)


Any ideas?





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You can do all that with automation. You can tweak settings for any parameter of any plug-in (Logic or 3rd party) using automation. Try playing back a track and set the automation to LATCH... as you move the knobs (or mouse) on a plug-in parameter(s) your changes will be saved as automation data. Set the automation back to READ and you'll hear your tweaks on playback. Actually you'll still hear them even if you leave it on LATCH... but if you hit the mouse/knobs you'll change the data.


You just have to enable automation on the track(s) that you're working with.


Hope this helps...

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