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Unwanted MIDI Filtering


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Hey guys,


I've tried just about everything save for re-installing, which will probably come next, but I thought I would throw this out to see if anyone has any ideas...


Certain MIDI events are not registered/received by Logic (Pro 9) on my '09 24" iMac which is now running Yosemite 10.10.3 w/ 2.66 Intel Core 2 Duo & 8 GB of RAM. This only happens when I use my M-Audio Keystation Pro 88...specifically, CC 1 (Mod) & Note E1 don't come through. Obviously this is frustrating. And let me clarify that Note E1 registers "OFF" when I release it, but not "ON." And it's definitely the Note, not a specific key on the controller.


If I close Logic, and open anything like Kontakt or the EW Play Engine, or even plug that MIDI controller in to another system with Logic, everything works beautifully as it should with all Notes and Controllers responding. That ruled out a faulty controller for me. I also have an M-Audio Oxygen 25 controller which works perfectly for all notes & all CC's with Logic on all of my systems, including the one where I have issues with the Keystation 88. So that seems to rule out corruption in the sessions and/or application, right? It is only between the iMac and the Keystation 88, both of which seem to be perfectly fine except when they are connected to one another.


I have double and triple checked sessions, started brand new sessions, etc, and there should not be any filtering occurring for any MIDI events. Am I missing something here?? THX!!!

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Almost #1 common mistake - you've usually accidentally enabled Learn mode (command-L by default) and then sent a MIDI command, so Logic has learnt that MIDI event as a controller assignment.


Either trash your preferences, or go into the controller assignments window and remove those assignments, and those MIDI events will get passed to the sequencer again.

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