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Where's my bottleneck?! HD or RAM?

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Hi All,


I've read numerous similar posts but as it's system-specific, I hope it's ok to post.


I'm getting the sudden motion/disk is too slow error message a lot recently.


The all important specs:


Late 2009 iMac 27" quad 2.6 i5

12GB Ram (4/4/2/2)

1TB internal drive - Logic/projects running from here

Logic 9.1.8

FW800 external - containing all sample libraries

Presonus Firestudio Project (FW400 Daisy chained, so Mac-FW800 Drive-FW400 interface)

OS 10.8.5


Most projects tend to feature as many sample library channels as I can run - a normal project might be something like 8 omnisphere/4 RMX Stylus/1 Cinestrings/a few other channels/various FX plugins.


So, I'm wondering where the bottleneck is? Can it be pinned down to RAM or HD? Having initially considered purchasing/installing a 2nd internal drive - SSD, I'm now wondering whether that would give me the best 'bang for buck'. It's also a somewhat arduous task so I;d rather avoid unless it's clearly the Achilles Heel. For around the same price as a 500GB SSD I could purchase 2x8GB sticks, pushing RAM to 24GB RAM.


Specifically to running a lot of sample libraries, what is my best upgrade option within a £200 budget?


(I've done the usual tweaks with buffer settings etc., might try an OS upgrade, also would Logic X upgrade benefit?)


Any help greatly appreciated.

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