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Automate L/R Balance On Aux or Bus [SOLVED]


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Select the Aux in the mixer, select Add Track and that will create a track for it in the Arrange window, if it's not there already


Then if you want to draw it in manually select the track, turn on automation and select Pan from the parameters.




Select an automation mode from the Aux channel strip, hit play and move the Pan knob.


But if you want to pan the signal BEFORE. It goes through the Aux strip


Insert the Gain plugin at the top of your chain and automate the Balance parameter

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In Logic you can not modulate plugin parameters. Plugins must include that feature themselves. Unlike Reaper for instance, where you can add modulators on any plugin parameter.


So you can use Tremolo or any other 3rd party pan-plugin. There are plenty of them, a lot are even free.


What you can do is to paint/write automation for pan, e.g. 2 bars long. Move that automation into a region (if not already done within the region), then just loop that region. Maybe you realize that at a certain point you need that panning over 4 bars? Easy, copy that region, stretch it (like you would do with audio regions), et voilà your automation is now stretched to 4 bars :D

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I do such stuff very often. Works like a charm with every kind of automation. And every non-stepped parameter can be curved with the automation curve tool. GREAT! Then create aliases to use in the arrangement, so you have to alter only the original once. EVEN BETTER!!! :D :D :D


Funny thing is that still a lot of Logic users really don't know about that possibility. And this is available since L8 "Move automation data into region" ;)


Since I found that feature I've used track automation very very rarely. I find regions just much more convenient when arranging, than having to fiddle around with track automation when moving parts and regions.

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