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panning issue when bouncing tarcks


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I have been using logic pro X for a while now for vocals. I started with a Blue spark USB Microphone, and I am now using the scarrlett 6i6 interface with a new mic. When I was using the usb mic everything was fine, the recordings came out in both ears, and when I bounced the project it would play on both the right and left sides perfectly. Although when I got the interface and started with my new set up, I was only picking up recording from one ear, I fixed the problem by changing the vocal tracks from stereo to mono. Although now I have a new problem, when I unplug my interface and listen to the whole project on logic, it can only be heard on one side. Also, when I bounce the project it is only heard on one side as well. I don't know if it is a problem with logic, or the interface, or the mic, or just my laptop.
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