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How to edit an Apple Loop?

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Hi everyone,


Has anyone got any tips in how to remove a specific component from a Logic Pro X loop so that I can edit it? The Logic Pro X loop in question is a Drum loop - Hands High House Beat and what I would like to do is remove the chord element of the loop and just keep the drum pattern.


It would also be good to know in general how to edit Logic Pro X loops too.


I have searched high and low for this all over the internet and have found little idea in how to do this so any tips would be gratefully received.


Many thanks.

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If you mean to extract the chord from the loop without altering the leaving elements? NOPE, not possible. That's something only our brain can accomplish, but no computer (at the moment).


If you mean to cut just that part out of the region? Take the marquee tool, mark the area where the chord is and hit 'Delete' (or 'Backspace') In this case you have to be lucky that there is no other drum element playing at the same time, or you will cut out that one too.


Apple Loops can be edited the same as audio regions. Some exceptions are there, I think. But they also feature some extra stuff that audio regions don't have.

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