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Bank Change/ Program Changes MidiPipe


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I'm using midi pipe to convert cc messages from my Samson graphite to program changes to change patches in Mainstage. I've got it set so I can use the the 16 assignable buttons on the Graphite to do program changes 1-16 for patches 1-16. However, I'd like to be able to change between multiple sets with patches in each totaling more than 16.


Does Mainstage allow bank changes for specific banks?


How might I accomplish this on the Graphite? It doesn't seem to have a shift button for the assignable functions so i can only assign program changes 1 -16 to them.


Also, I'm still trying to figure what messages you send specifically for bank changes. It seems like it is:

Bank LSB -

Value 2- the number of the bank you want to go to

Bank MSB

Value 2- the number of the last bank

Followed then by the program change message.


Could I assign bank changes to the first 8 buttons and then program changes to the second 8 and the press them accordingly in sequence?

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Thought I would update this with some new info, this is a duplicate response to the one I created in the Apple Support Community forum for Mainstage:


Spoke to apple support and supposedly MS does respond to bank change messages. I'm not sure what the exact parameters should be though. If anyone has any interest in exploring this problem further, I attached a screenshot to show my process. If its helpful I can post screenshots showing the midipipe process or set up a link to it. am following up with apple support and will post any updated info as I learn it.


I've seen a lot of posts online regarding this issue with people trying to resolve it but have yet to confirm that anyone did or that bank change actually works so it could be this is a bug within MS. I'm a little surprised there isn't a midi implementation chart for MS of some kind.


**one note is that the program change message by itself does navigate to the correct patch, but after sending the bank message it does not, suggesting that MS is receiving the bank message but it does not have the correct parameters. Any info or thoughts on what those might be or if there might be bug in MS would be extremely welcome!






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Hi guys,




Just wanted to update this thread again. I spoke to Jason with Apple Pro App support and figured things out.


For Bank Changes: MSB is always 0, and LSB determines the bank number.


I used midi pipe to assign the MSB/LSB messages to 8 buttons that send CC from the controller, and assigned Program changes to the other 8. So my controller can now select 64 patches instantly in my concert which is all I need for on the fly patch changes anyway. It takes some tweaking with midi pipe to avoid duplicate messages, etc. Some channel routing and message filtering was necessary, but its pretty logical when you look at the flow of midi data. One note about midi pipe, if you make any changes and things aren't working as they should, close midi pipe and mainstage and restart midi pipe first and this should sort things out.


All in all, very doable!




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