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LogicPro9.1.8 Can't fit all staves on page


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With a total of 9 instruments (5 having double-staves), I am trying to fit a total of 14 staves per page but only 10 are showing, the 11th is showing half at page bottom.


I found an earlier forum discussion here:




It says 'If you need to shrink it to fit on one page - go back to the score set editor, select *completed set" or whatever you named it and lower the scale parameter in the upper right corner until the score fits on the page the way you want it.'


My problem is I don't see any "scale parameter" in the upper right corner. I did find a scale setting in the score set box so I changed it from 100% to 75% then to 50% but it never had any effect! I also tried the "Layout" "global format" box where I changed the "line distance" from 0.00 to 0.25 then to 0.10 but, again, nothing changed.


I can't believe it is so hard to squeeze the staves closer together so they all fit on one page! I've spent about 90 minutes with the manual and google and these forums and can't get it done! What am I missing?

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Thanks volovicg, I went into Layout > Score Sets > New > New Complete Set. Then I selected all the instruments with the black vertical bar. On the left, first vertical column, under "Complete Set" it said "Scale % 50" which is what I had it set at previously. There is no other scale parameter such as in the upper right corner as in the post I linked above. After all that, the score is unaffected, only 6 of the 9 instruments appear in the page, the 7th instrument is cut in half by the bottom of the page. Then on the next page, the 8th instrument is super-imposed over the first instrument, and the 9th instrument appears nowhere.


It's as if there needs to be an "apply" button to click but there isn't, and therefore the setting doesn't apply. This has happened to me before when I tried to change font size in text, I'd change the font size and looked for an "apply" button that didn't exist and then of course the text size never changed. Same thing now with scaling down the staves and their spacing, I find the setting and change it, but the scale-down never applies and the score is unchanged after multiple futile attempts to apply a new setting.

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Also make sure you select all the staves first before creating the score set.

You can highlight them all in the score editor or arrange window. Then create score set from selection. Then select the score set you just created in the inspector... Sorry for the short answers... responding from my phone

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Thanks again volovicg, but so far nothing is fixed.


1. I cannot find any create score set function in the inspector.


2. I have selected all the staves, all lines turn green, but again, how do I create a score out of that?


3. Is the score editor the bottom half of the LogicPro screen? The screen where I see all the notes? If so, I don't know how to create a score set in there either. All I can do is click layout > score sets > new > new complete set, whereupon the scale index percent appears, which I've changed many times & which never has any affect. There is no "apply." I just want to make the score smaller so all instruments fit on the page.


4. How do I select a score set in inspector? Is inspector the left column of the screen? There is nowhere to select anything in inspector in that column.

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When score has the focus, the inspector shows the score set at the very top of the inspector column ( column to the left of the score itself). There are several ways to create a score set. I described one way. See attached which may help.

A score set can be for one staff, more than one or many. In this case we are creating a score of all instruments ( complete set) for which there is an option in the score set window to create without selecting them.

You could have selected them ( all green) and used layout->create score set from selection. They would achieve the same result which would be the creation of a score set for all instruments. Once you have it created "you must select it from the score set drop down in the upper left windows". Remember to click and hold on the box to see the drop down list and select the name of the score set you created.

Don't forget you can in addition drag the staves closer together

Also you should update your signature



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