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Problems saving Kontakt Instruments in Logic Pro X


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Im using instrument libraries from 8dio and Cinesamples through Kontakt. Im having issues every time I load a sample/instrument, and then Quit the session. When I reopen the session, I have to reload most(not all) the samples/instruments into Kontakt.


Ive contacted 8dio, Cinesamples and Native Instruments, and none of them can tell me anything. Ive also took a quicklime screen capture to show you all what I'm talking about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18Ocb8vDqcw


This is really messing up my flow and its hard to work when I constantly need to reload instruments. Has anyone experienced this?


My Setup:

-Late 2012 iMac-32gb ram

-OS X 10.8.5

-Logic Pro 10.0.6


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