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Hidden Busses? [SOLVED]

Lazy M Beats

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I posted a topic a bit ago regarding any tips on managing/deleting busses that are automatically imported with various logic instrument channel strip presets but have had no luck with any answers...This post could very well relate to that so forgive me if I am missing something.


I started a new project and was experimenting with various different logic presets (with send information) and ended up deleting most of the presets but the aux channels still remain in my bus list.


Turns out there was actually a very nice aux channel with some kind of reverb on that I happened to test out sending a snare to and really liked. It is bus 7. the problem is that i can't find the Aux channel in my mixer! In fact when I look at my bus list, there are a TON of used Aux tracks that I am neither using nor can find in my mixer window!


Where are these aux tracks and how can I get them to show up?


I have looked in the other posts in this forum and found a suggestion saying to turn on "advanced settings" in preferences but mine are already turned on and all selected so that isn't my problem.


Any light shed would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for your reply David!


Clicking the destination didn't quite solve my problem unfortunately. I checked my mixer window and nothing was selected subsequently.


I figured it out though in case anyone else runs into this problem:


I was using an instance of the new "Drum Machine" thing in Logic but only using a Hi-hat sample from it and I had packed it away into a folder track stack with some other Hat type regions.


When I clicked the disclosure triangle to open up the folder, I could then see all of the different aux channel strips in the mixer.


Hope this makes sense or helps someone who might run into the same issue.


Thanks again for your response!

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