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Distortion plugins helping with LPX guitar sounds


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While I appreciate all the features of Logic, I have not always been satisfied with guitar sounds. I have Amplitube 3 and Guitar Rig and both love and hate things about each (does anybody outside of Apple even think about designing a usable UI?). For those with more control of their wallet and less prone to buy every guitar amp modeler made, I recently discovered that using Logic's distortion plugins (often placed before an amp model) do quite a bit to fatten up my guitar sound. I partcularly like Clip Distortion. What I think is odd is I am not sure ANY of the "stock" Logic guitar track library presets use these modules and yet it goes a long way toward making a much nicer crunch or lead sound (IMO). I'm sure many of you are light years ahead of me in creating a nice sounding guitar track, but maybe this tip will help someone discover more of what Logic can offer.
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