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My Advice for Newbies


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I have been using Logic since 1.0. I am not a genius or a natural to technology and yet part of my living has become teaching and writing about it.


I see newbies making the same mistakes over and over so if you are a newbie and you are SERIOUS about learning Logic Pro:


1. Expect to spend a few hours a day almost EVERY day, just as you would practice an instrument to get good at it, although it will not take as long as that.


2. Do not order ANY third party stuff until you have a firm grip on all that comes with Logic.


3. Focus on one aspect of Logic e.g. recording and editing audio or recording and editing MIDI for two weeks before you move on to the next one. A good book with lessons like the Apple Pro Training Series by our esteemed host, Mr. Namahni can be a real help with this. Videos by MacProVideo and Groove 3 can also be helpful, but again, focus on one area at a time,


4. After a couple of months of this if you want to add third party stuff, don't buy a lot. Buy a couple, ideally from the same developer, and spend some time with them before you buy more.


5. Expect to do a lot of bad mixes before you do any good ones. Mixing is a difficult craft for most people to get a handle on.

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