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losing key command fuctions


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Hi Everyone,

Just this weekend I've had some weird stuff going on in my sessions. Any advice or help would be appreciated.

Anyways, I'm going along in my session and I'll try a key command that worked earlier in the session like pressing "V" for the auto,ation to show up, or a number to change which screen shot I'm looking at, or alt C, to color my regions, but they don't work. One I quit Logic and start the session again, everything is working for about 20 minutes or so, then it'll occasionally happen again. Is this a common or heard of problem, or am I accidentally pressing a key that shuts off all key commands?

Thanks in advance for your advice...



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Do you have a plug-in window or floating window open? Sometimes (not always), floating windows prevent key commands from working properly.


Other than that, your preference file (containing all key commands) could be corrupt. Try Logic Pro > Preferences > Initialize all except Key Commands.

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