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Piano Roll Drag - Unwanted Snapping


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I've looked at other threads here, but there is either no resolution, or the solution doesn't work.


I am getting an unwanted jump from the point of origin when I want to drag a note by a small amount in the piano roll.


I have turned off snap to grid completely, upped the grid resolution to the highest, turned off quantize, turned the Time Handles on and off.


What I have here is a solution, a warning and also a request I suppose.


After trying various things I found that the issue was with 'limit dragging in one direction' in Preferences/General/Editing.

I have this option turned on as I often drag things vertically by a mistake. After I unchecked this box, my problem was solved.

I guess what Logic is doing for the first part of dragging is looking for the direction, so no movement occurs.


I'm glad I can now move again in small increments from the point of origin, it is a shame that the 'limit dragging to one direction' function has now been lost though.


I'll flag it up with Apple.





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