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Auto volume plugin problem


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I’ve run into a problem with some autovolume plugins I’ve been using and wonder if anyone might know what’s going on?


I have all band tracks going to an aux, and then take a send off that aux, and use a bus to send the signal to the side chain of the auto volume plugin which is inserted on a vocal track. When the side chain is connected to the bus, the delay appears. Even when no signal is sent through the bus, the delay is present.


It happens with two different auto volume plugins from two different manufacturers, Hornet’s Autogain Pro and Melda’s MAuto Volume. I’m using the same setup in another Logic project and it’s working fine. I tried exporting everything from the project into a new Logic project, and even tried exporting it to the new project without any of the i/o assignments, sends etc. But when I set it up for the auto volume, the same thing happens.


So I’m wondering if it has to do with tempo information in the audio file on the track that I have the auto volume plugin on? I’m just guessing, I don’t know that there is tempo information in there, but I can’t think of what else it might be?


Thanks for any and all help!!

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Ok I think I found the problem. In Logic Preferences, Plug-in Latency Compensation was set to all. When I turned it off, everything worked fine.


It raised another issue however. In checking a couple of other projects, they showed some sync problems, problems I hadn't encountered before, and different in each one. The Plugin Latency Compensation was set to Off in both cases, and when I set it to All, the problems went away.


It seems as if this option is not saved with each project, and you have to set it correctly each time you open the project. Is that right, or is there a way for the setting to be retained with the project? I hope so, that would be a royal pita if not.

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