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tempo shifting vocals


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I have an ambient track at 85BPM that I want to remix for a club track at 126BPM. I am not getting a good result with the vocals. What is the best way to timeshift to this degree. Right now I am figuring out how many measures the region occupies at 85 BPM, then adjusting the song tempo to 126bpm, then using "adjust region to locators" to make the shift. The algorithm is set to universal.
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i believe this is a job for elastic audio:


export the track as an audio file (file/export/track as audio file


tick" add resulting file to audio window" in the resulting window - hit save and the export will occur


create a new track in arange window


go to the audio window and find the exported audio


drag that into your arrangw window


in the new track region parameter box, tick the box marked follow tempo


play the track and adjust the tempo - the vox should adjust accordingly


for long form audio, i believe this is the best way to do it


does that help?

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Personally, I'd start by seeing if I could chop up the 85bpm vocal into little bits & seeing how those fit in a 125 bpm track without any timestretching. You might get a really interesting effect by spacing out words & syllables rather than squeezing them together.
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