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hi there guys, i'm new [and n00b about logic] so i really dunno if this is the right section.

by the way, i'm an italian guy with a great passion for music: unfortunately i've got few technical bases on it but i'll try to fix more info during the summer.


well,i'd like to know any info about logic training courses, costs, locations and so on in my country, italy.


sorry if this is not the right place to ask for.

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there is a list on the apple website of Apple certified training centres in Italy and the rest of Europe. Hope this helps....




If you have any problems - try the search feature on this forum or post a question. There are many who frequent this brilliant forum who are trainers of Logic and many who are very very knowledgeable....don't worry we don't bite ;-)

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thank you very much, you're really so kindful and educated in this forum =)



do you think you need to have any info's background about music?


i mean, i don't know much more about technical question as compression ad equalization..do you think i can access to this courses even if i didn't get these kinda "skills"?


i won't look like a dump with all genious around me..

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Hi, no problem...


I learned the hard way....i bought logic about 4/5 years ago and began recording my songs into it and learning about eq'ing and compression etc from friends and experimenting and reading, reading, reading from forums like this one.


There is still more than plenty for me personally to learn.....it's a journey really!


There are some book materials out there.... this forum is a great one...type in eq or compression in the search....see what pops up.... the martin sitter book on Logic is invaluable(!) check out the macprovideo.com videos - the one on plugins might help you alot because it looks at eq'ing, comression, reverb etc


do a course if you feel it will help you - it's not necessary to know everything before you start at all - but it is important to have a passion for music - and you know the journey of a million miles starts with the first step. For some people that first step may be doing a course or reading a book or watching a dvd or listening to as much music as they can or playing their instrument or experimenting in a DAW like Logic.


there's also a great dvd that i'm working through when i have time called "The art of mixing" look it up on amazon.it -


Hope some of this helps & Good luck

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